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Happy New Year

New Year is just round the corner, so everybody is either making the resolutions which either they will not follow or will just lies there written. People are evaluating what mistakes they have made this year and what they have learnt out of them. Whether this year was BAD or was good.

I dont know what should i call this year as - Good or Bad. Coz soo many things had happened that its very difficult to decide whether the year was good or bad. But one thing is for sure, memories will be there unless i turn into "Amnesia" (loss of memory) patient.

At times i use to feel, why it is happening to me? At times, I felt whatever has happened or is happening, is for a Reason. At times, I feel that its your energy and will flow in whatever direction you want to but then you have to bear the consequences. At times, I feel that all i can do is Pray to Existence/God/Super consciousness for the well being of everybody.

I dont want to wish for anything but only STRENGTH so that i can accep…


Last evening, me and my friend went out for dinner. After having the dinner, we went for a drive and was chatting. She was telling me her exp. in Goa and that she saw many falling stars and what all she had wished.

She said, all she could say while seeing the falling star was - "LOVE". Then she realized its not what she wanna say and wished to see another falling star, so that she can ask for what she want.

Bingo! and there was it, another falling star.

But the same thing happen, all she could say was "LOVE". She wanted to say she want "Soul-mate" or "Love of her Life" or "Prince Charming" but all she could say was "LOVE".

I felt so nice and touched that she is the blessed one, the chosen one, the one with pure heart. Existence want to give her lots of Love and doesnt want her to be confined by any single person. So every time she see a falling star, she end up just saying "LOVE" without adding anything.

I feel its…

Miles to go before I sleep

मुकदस की राहों में
अकेले है चलना
एक नयी ठोकर
एक नया संभालना
खुदा के आँगन में खेलना
और उसी में लेटना
किसी  का  आना , किसी  का  जाना
कभी  हसना  , कभी रोना 
इस  गुलिस्तान  में  रंग  बिरंगे  फूल
किसी  का  खिलना , किसी  का  मुरझाना
ए  मुसाफिर , इन  नज़ारें  को  देख  मत  रुकना
क्यूंकि  ज़िन्दगी  का  काम  है  चलना , काम  है  चलना .......

Its very difficult to translate this into English, i will still try it.

In the paths of Life
You have to Walk ALONE
Everyday One New Obstacle
One New Learning
Playing in the Garden of Existence
And lying Down
Somebody's coming, Somebody's Going
At times laughing, at times Crying
In this Garden, there are All types of Flowers
Someone is Blossoming, someone is Dying
O Dear, dont STOP by looking at these things
Coz Life has to go on... and on ... and on .......

Anybody who can put better words, please do so

Life is what ... our thoughts are

Life is what ... our thoughts are. During childhood my parents use to say that If I study hard then i will be a successful person but i never use to believe in that. Coz whenever I use to see in REAL life all the successful people were not very GOOD in studies.

So I wonder what makes them so successful, i realize that it's their thoughts that makes them successful. From beginning only, they treat themselves as successful persons and later on they do get Success. I remember One dialogue from a recent movie, which is so relevant here:

"Agar kisi cheez ko shiddat se chaho toh puri qayanat usko tumhe milane mein lag jati hai".
English translation - If you ask anything Whole-heartedly then whole existence start working in that direction and you get what you ask for.

Everyday we pray to God/Existence, so actually what we do? By going to the temple, standing in front of marble idols, saying/asking something? If you see it logically then this does not make any sense. But actual…

Your mind can do wonders

Mind is very powerful "TOOL" given to us by God/Existence/Nature. All Your acts are controlled by this Tool. So, it is very important to know how it works and how things are getting controlled by him.

It can make you weak or strong:
I always use to wonder how these DON's/Goon's works. I realized that it's not that these DON's beat the REAL troublesome people, on the other hand they beat other people to create the "Fear" in REAL troublesome people. It's like telling them that they are "WEAK", once people get influenced that they are weak, immediately they (goons) start looking very powerful and strong and people start becoming weaker ..n..weaker.

On the other hand, if you believe that you are not going to get intimidated by these tricks, you find yourself strong enough that you can fight alone, even if you dont have any support from anyone. Now once these (goons) see that you are not getting intimated then either they will try to be fr…

Am part of all that I have met

Last nite, went to a party organised by Destiny of Sound with DJ Pearl playing. A friend from Facebook invited me to the party, so call other friends to come. Party was nice, Music was good, danced and had fun.

After the party, drop the friends to their places, and thought of having Bun-Maska. To all those people who dont know what is "Bun-Maska", so let me explain you - It is Bun with Butter and Jam. It specially taste Excellent if you eat early in the morning lets say from 1AM to 6AM. So, this urge drives me to have Bun-Maska with Tea. As I was having it, reminds me of OLD memories and took me to the Flash Back to few years back.

I still remember, first time i had Bun-Maska, it was 8 years back, at 4:30 AM in the morning. It was heavenly feeling and after that, it was everyday for couple of years. That Bakery was our home for Dinner cum Breakfast.

Like they say Memories never die, today when I was having it, it reminds me ALL those old memories. I miss all my old friends w…

Chilling Sunday

After having a late Friday night party, didnt feel like going out the next day. So was relaxing at home, watching TV, ordered Pizza and coke for dinner. It was around 11:30PM when on my twitter account someone posted that there is an event for the bloggers.

I send them an email asking more about the event and got a reply that event is specifically for Bloggers and only couple entries allowed. So I registered my name as RSVP for the event, reached there by 1:30 PM. Though later on i saw groups with only Guys coming to the event which was bit surprising.

As soon as you enter, to the right, you see the DJ playing by the pool and on the left side, there are counters for Food and Beer.

As the event was organized by Fosters, they were distributing "Hats" with their Logo on them. There were couple of female's who were wearing Fosters swimming costume's.

Food was Great, much variety for Non-veg people, blessings for me. Chicken was Tender, Mutton was bit Spicy and Fish was…

Blinking of the Eyes

It is lovely weather out here, so thought of eating out. Went to a south Indian rest. named "Kalyani Veg" and ordered "Masala Dosa".

While the preparation of "Masala Dosa" was going on in the kitchen, saw a flash light in front of my eyes and what i see is - "Blinking of the Eyes" very slowly. YES!, blinking of 2 eyes, so slowly as if they want to tell me something, want me to realize, to see this world in a new way, praise God/Existence (or whatever name you want to call) for creating such a Marvelous place with beautiful and unique people/creatures/things all around.

Most of the time our thoughts subjugates us and we are like "wandering" here and there, so restless. We never realized how many times we blink our eyes in a day. Never thought that it can bring such peace and calmness in our life and can open a new door which can change our perspective, our way of looking at the things.

In the end, i would like to know from you,
Did you…

Reality is nothing but a state of mind

What is REAL? What is Reality?
The biggest question man kind ever faces since its inception. Every person has its own definition of Reality, his/her own way of seeing the things, his/her own way of describing the things which according to him/her are real. One thing can be unreal for you but can be "Real" for me.

I will differentiate Real / Reality into 2 i.e. Scientific and Spiritual

1) Scientific - Modern science has done many many experiments and have come to the conclusion that Reality is nothing but electronic signals interpreted by the Brain. They are now implementing the same thing i.e. Interpreting the signals, in creating and functioning of Robots. Recent development is, Robot can sense your behavior and can respond to that. If you are angry then they will respond differently whereas if you are Happy then they will respond differently. Same like how Humans respond.

2) Spiritual - India is the land of Spirituality, in other words, Mother of all spiritual concepts. Acc…


Last nite I was having dinner with my friend, who broke up with her LOOOONG time BF. They were together for 14 years till early this year when they broke up. So we were talking about that, she was telling me her side of the story that how painful it was and is. Her emotions toward that guy is still there and she still has a soft corner for that guy. Though after their break-up she got new BF but that affair didn't last long and that guy moved to another city. She said she got engaged with this new guy thinking that engaging herself with this new guy might help her in overcoming the sufferings from the previous relationship but things didn't work out the way how she wanted.

This leads me to think about "Perception" and how it effect things in the Real World.

Few days back, i was watching a movie named - Doctor Strange. In that movie there was 1 sequence where this young muscular fellow try to pull few big stones and was not able to and then 1 old guy just pull them v…

Child at heart

Last night i was surfing the web and came across a blog wherein there was a pic of balloons and below that it was written "This is how i keep my inner child alive".

I was thinking if only by balloons we can keep our child alive, what else can be the best and easiest thing. Coz for me, i have to keep my inner child alive everyday whether or not there are balloons or candy's. I have to keep talking to myself just like a child, and make myself understand how the children make them understand. I have to cleanse my inner self everyday after going to home from work.

Though there are various methods to cleanse your inner self, it depends on you which one you wanna take. How i cleanse myself is either by doing catharsis or by gibberish. People who dont know Gibberish - "It is talking LOUD with anything that comes to your mind, anything that does not make any SENSE".

At times we dont realize that we are polluting our inner self so much that when we start cleansing, the…

People may doubt what you say... But, they will believe what you do!!!

It is so strange that at times you dont realize what your strengths are but other people do. I realized this when people tell me that they know i can make things happen and i was like wow! thats amazing. I, myself dont know if i can make things happen or anything like that, the only thing i know is if there has to be something done, people call me.

There have been couple of incidents recently occurred that made me think what people say about me and they are as follows:

1) One time my sister called me and she want my elder brother (which is younger to her) to do something, but elder brother refused / made excuses to do so. She called me up and said that i should make sure that elder brother do that. I said, he has already refused what should i do? How can i make him do something which he has already refused? This is her answer which made me tongue tight, she said, "I know You and You are the only one who can make this happen, no other person in this world can make this happen apa…

fault at everything

It seems like we start finding fault in everything no matter what the other person do/ did. Earlier there was a debate that CEO should limit their salaries and there was huge gung ho on that.

Agreed that 50% of the population lives below poverty line but that's the job of the govt to see what he can do. Instead of controlling the population which is more than the SPEED of the light, we are debating on something which has got nothing to do with this.

I mean look at China, the way they have controlled their population and now almost everybody is having a job. When you have a job it will give you financial stability. So rather controlling the population or creating the jobs, govt is more concerned about the salaries of the CEOs.

Yest. one of the TOP CEO has reduced his salary, now people start saying that its mere SHOW OFF. I mean WTF? People seems to be unhappy no matter what others do. Now the Minister said that Govt is losing the revenues coz of his CUT.


Twitter Commands

There's more to Twitter than OFF and ON! Use the commands below to send private messages, mark updates as favorites, or even remind someone to update their Twitter page if you're wondering what they're doing!

* @username + message
directs a twitter at another person, and causes your twitter to save in their "replies" tab.
Example: @satinderpanesar I love that song too!

* D username + message
sends a person a private message that goes to their device, and saves in their web archive.
Example: d satinderpanesar want to pick a Orange Juice for me while you're there?

* WHOIS username
retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter.
Example: whois jack

* GET username
retrieves the latest Twitter update posted by the person.
Example: get goldman

* NUDGE username
reminds a friend to update by asking what they're doing on your behalf.
Example: nudge satinderpanesar

* FAV username
marks a person's last twitter as a favorite. (hint: reply to any…

What you give is what you get.

Life's not about the people who act true to your face. It's about the people who remain true behind your back.

I hate saying Goodbyes coz i believe that by saying that you are ending a relationship. I often tell people to say "We will meet again" rather than saying "Good Bye". To me, good bye means that person/relation is dead and over which actually is not. People are there in your memories, always present.

I know its difficult to carry only good memories coz life is all ups and downs. If there is something good in 1 person there has to be something bad in the same person. It is like for every Neo there is Agent Smith. At times, it seems like Agent Smith will win but it's always Neo who wins, though longer it might take.

By carrying bad memories you are carrying the burden of something which you want to get rid off. It will only keep on piling and one day it will explode on someone else. After explosion you realize that you didnt do good to that person…

Demons and Angels

No, this is not Dan Brown novel but what is happening in my life. There are demons and there are angels. Like the name suggests, Demons - they give you wounds and Angels - heal your wounds. At present am at a crossroad where i can see both.

Today am at farm house, away from city chaos. It is so serene, quite and lovely place (uploaded few pics on my Facebook profile) but still cant get over these gadgets.

I realize that gadgets had become my life's integral part. Without them i feel so incomplete, somehow have created a bond that made me so week that i cant live without them, now they are not luxury but necessity for me.

All friends had gone to the waterfall but seems like i dont want to be with them(i.e. human's), thanks to that person whom i have made my world and She stabbed me, though am on recovery path but still at times that hurts.

During the path of recovery i started to loose faith and trust in humans. Now i have diverted all my energy to my work and to gadgets. Now…

Real Story

There was a person living in a village, once he was bitten by a crab, he went to a doctor. Doctor asked him, what happened? He said, "Crab had bitten him". Doctor gave him medicine and he got recovered. After sometime, he saw the same crab with his leg broken. He took him inside, get him diagnosed, healed his leg, once he was okay, he bite him and left. He went to the doctor. Doctor asked him, what happened? He said, "Crab had bitten him". Doctor again gave him medicine and he got recovered.

Sometime later, he saw the crab again, wounded, he bought him in, get him diagnosed. Once Crab was fully recovered he bite him again and left. He went to the doctor and doctor asked, "what happened"? He said, "Crab had bitten him". To this doctor asked, how it happened? Then this person narrated the whole story, doctor was surprised to see that this person already bitten by that crab 2-3 times and still keep on healing him and that crab always bite him and …

Life and Age

Yest. evening, i was sitting with my friend talking about various things and then came the topic of phases of life. He pointed me out to a story which im narrating here:

God actually gave Human, the life of 20 years but human thought it is too less of a life, so he asked God to increase it. God refuse to increase but he gave human a choice to convince other beings, if they can lend their age's to him. Human being very clever and shrewd convince other beings to lend their ages. He convinced first horse, then donkey, then dog and last Owl.

So, the story goes like this -

First phase of life i.e. first 20 years is the actual life of human. He enjoys it the most. He doesnt care, bother about anything and is in his own world of fantasy. Thats why almost everybody says - its their GOLDEN period.

Second phase i.e. from 21 - 40 years. Since human had convinced Horse to lend his age, so during this period, he keeps on running like a horse. Running for, fame, money, house, respect, social s…

Obama's speech and Indian Conditioning

I, like many indians, have been taught not to ask a question coz it will show you as week and ignorant. You MUST ALWAYS says YES, even when you dont know, cant do or is out of your range. For 25 years i have been doing the same till the time i came to Pune and started working with westerners. Since my indian conditioning, i was always in trouble coz whenever western people ask me something, i could not refuse it and end up saying, "YES". Slowly slowly i learnt this, that its not bad to say,"NO" coz nobody knows everything. Today when i'm reading Obama's speech to the student, i felt like God!, wish he be PM of our country. Here's some of the content from his speech:

Some of the most successful people in the world are the ones who’ve had the most failures. JK Rowling’s first Harry Potter book was rejected twelve times before it was finally published. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team, and he lost hundreds of games and missed thou…
Today when i logon to FB, one of my friend had asked this question on her blog - If heart's function is just to pump blood.. then how can it ache??

Here is my answer -
Actually, there are 2 things -
1) Physical
2) Abstract

Physical heart's function is just to pump the blood whereas Abstract heart has all these feelings i.e. Pain, happiness, Joy ..etc...etc which cant be seen but only can be felt.

It is as similar to like everyday we talk about "MIND" but is there any organ in the body which is called as "Mind"? The ans is NO. But still it plays very crucial role in your life.

It is also similar to the fact that Brain's function is to interpret the signals, then how can he(Brain) think?

Same as - Eye's function is to see, then where does the tears come from?
and so on. ..n..on

Sometimes we have to look beyond the anatomy of the body, not everything can be covered by science.

To all the readers of my blog, i would like to know your opinion on this.
Here goes again, i'm at fault. Yest. we (Me and 2 other friends) went out for buffet lunch and one friend was keen on paying the bill. I said its okay, i will pay but he consistently saying "no, this time he wants to pay" as last time i had paid. When he insisted so much, then i agreed, i said - fine, you pay. After we finished the lunch, when bill came i took the bill to pay but he said again, "No, this time he will pay and he took the bill and paid by his Credit card".

But today what am getting to know is - he complain. He was complaining that he has to pay the bill and i was SHOCKED! What??? I mean he was the only one who was so stubborn in paying the bill and now he is blaming me.

Am wondering why it always happen to me? am i a soft target?

Seems like these blamings (see last post) on me will never end, but that will not stop me from doing good things for my loved ones.

Frustrations, Disappointments, Longing and Existence!

Since yest eve i'm angry and frustrated, coz i had helped a friend with a thing, which i dont want to do, but still went ahead and help him and he put me into a situation which i would have never wanted to be in. Later on, was thinking most of the time that i will never help that friend again coz of

1) He had put me into a situation which otherwise i wouldnt have been in.
2) He never helped me with anything, coz whenever i wanted him, he will make all kind of excuses.

So was thinking it is so good to be a SELFISH coz then you give a damn about everybody and can USE whomsoever and whenever you want them for your benefit.

Today when i was having my evening tea i realized that all my anger and frustration is not coz of helping the friend but coz he didn't do what i have told him to do. If he would have done things like the way i told him then he would have avoided the situation he had put me in.

As soon as i realize this, all the frustration disappeared in a fraction of a second, Str…

Stop! and smell the roses

There are 2 ways of doing the things

1) You start from scratch and keep on doing the things over n over again and you reach to a certain point after few years.

Youth exuberance - when you are young you want to do everything on your own and want to make your own experiences. But after reaching to a point you realize if you would have listened to other experienced people you would have reached there much earlier. There are many examples of this and i'm no exception.

2) You study and learn from other people experience and reach to the same point in much shorter time.

They say it "Stop! and smell the roses", I realize this when i was having my lunch at Royal Orchid, i saw 2 young people, 1 was waiter and 1 was manager, although they are of the same age but still one was on higher post and other was not. This difference is coz this manager had learned from other people experiences and had moved up unlike the waiter.

I remember when i was teenager my parents / elders use to tell me…

New realization - a movie buff

Saturday I went for trekking to korayegarh with bunch of friends. Korayegarh is ahead of lonavala and is good for new trekkers since it has stairs to go up. Though I'm not a newbee to trekking but there were people who were new. There were 2 ways to go up 1) was jungle way and 2) other was stairs. Since couple of people were new to trekking so we decided to take stairs to go up.

Went up the mountain, it seems like it used be a FORT at some point of time coz there were boundary walls and in the middle there was a pond which looks like a harem. Was checking if somewhere, something is written about the history of this fort but i got disappointed coz nowhere it was written anything about that fort.

Anyhow, after trekking for 4-5 hours, everybody was hungry so had decided to come down and eat something. So we stopped at 1 resort and had our lunch, dont know what to call since it was 4:30 PM, so i will call lunch only.

After having lunch, we were coming back to Pune and on the way, our car…

Writing is so much fun

I always have this problem of expressing myself due to the fact that people will mis-interpret me and they conclude whatever they want and then whole thing will come upon me.

Never realized that writing can be soo much of fun. I always used to run away from writing and now i loves writing. When i write, i feel sooo good, It is a Joy that flows inside.

i can sit in front of the computer for 20 hours in a day and still can go on n on. When i write i forget everything what's going on around me, i can express myself without being getting mis-interpreted. It is tremendous Joy when you write and see that what you wanna say, other people are getting exactly that.

Many thanks to the transition phase of my life which bought my this side up. I can even write Poetry, which many people think it is very hard but now it is coming to me naturally, I dont have to do any effort. Other day, just for fun sake i took this quiz on FB, what i was in the past life?

To my amazement it came out to be a POET …

Speaking truth is a threat to indian culture

There have been uproar in the parliament about one TV show called as SACH KA SAAMNA (Face the truth). They are saying that it is a threat to Indian Culture, am wondering how? If someone speaks the truth, how it will destroy the whole culture? In a country where people worship Gandhi, still people dont want to follow what he has been saying thru out his whole life - "Always speak the truth no matter how hard it is"

In this country which has many religions and every religion says - "Always speak the truth no matter how hard it is" and now if someone is speaking the truth, it is a threat to indian culture and to this VAST country.

Are we that fragile or are we looking out for some publicity?

In this country where there are other BIG issues to be dealt with, our MPs are talking about TV shows, what should or should not be shown. Are we that dumb that we dont understand what we need to watch and what not? Dont we have remote to switch the channels if we dont like somethin…

How to Promote a Facebook Group?

I think success of any group is based on what kind of posts (NOT people) are there on that group. I have seen groups where there are more than 500 people on that group but there is hardly any post / topic e.g. search for Pune group and you will see what i mean. If you look at those people's profile who have joined that group, they have mentioned that they love that city ...etc. but they hardly participate in any topic or discussion and moreover there is hardly any new activity since months.

1. So whenever you create any group try to encourage people to talk by either starting some topic/discussion or let other to start.

2. Make sure all the group sections are used to their fullest potential. When you first start the group, you'll see sections for Recent News, Discussion Board, The Wall, Photos, Links and Video. Put something new and relevant in all these sections.

3. Put the link for the group in most if not all your other communications.

4. Make it very easy for group members …
If someone wants to distinguish between, mind and body, the best way is to fall sick. Your mind stop working but still your body manages to get all the required things.

Last week i was sick, still went to the party on friday night. Was drinking and dancing which makes the situation worse during the weekend. So on sat morning after having breakfast took the medicine, put some warm clothes so to get well as early as possible. Watched this movie called uptown girls, nice movie which shows that everybody is good at something. You may dislike some person coz of his/her messing up with the things but still that person has some qualities which distinguishes him/her from the rest.

Anyway, after watching the movie, we have ordered chicken biryani for the lunch. By this time, my mind was not working at all but all i know was it's lunch time and i have to eat. Strange or amazing thing was though initially i dont feel like eating but when i have started eating, i just finish the whole biryani i…


Last weekend i was in Mumbai to meet old friend who had come from new zealand after 2 years along with him was his friend who is a Film script writer. We had amazing time during the day, we went to a dental clinic for whitening her teeth, while she was in the clinic me and my friend went out in search of vada pav (delight of maharashtra), asking everybody, getting the directions for that shop from where we can get that and finally after searching for 30 mins, we found the shop wherein we can eat vada pav. We had vada pav alongwith tea (chai) and it was yum.

By the time we came back to that dental clinic she was already done, the best way to hang out with girls is SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. So we went to a BIG shopping mall i.e. Inorbit mall at Malad. Spend there 4 hours in shopping and by the time we were about to leave rain started heavily. As it was raining, it became difficult to get auto rickshaw but somehow managed to get that. On the way, road blocks, traffic jams, water logging,…