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Someone .... something is always far

One of my FB friend asks me why someone/something which you Love is always far? What can you answer to this question, so i said i will think and will let you know. One day i was doing my morning walk, then all of a sudden this question pop up in my mind alongwith the answer.

1) Why someone/something is always far is coz if that someone/something is near to you, you will loose the importance of that. Perhaps this is what happens with most of couples who are in Love. Till the time they are far, they VALUE each other, the moment they start living together soon they start loosing the importance of other person and they start growing apart.

2) Existence will give you that only when the time is right and when you needed it the most. When desperation is at his best, if at that point of time you get what you love, it will give you a exp. which cant be forgotten. A blissful exp. Those will be the precious moments which you can cherish thru out your life.