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Am part of all that i have met

We all are busy in building / thinking about our Future. Well, of course we should be, after all we dont want to live a miserable life. Right?

But did you ever rewind the reel of your life? If not, take some time out and see what all things had happened in your life so far. When you do, you will be amazed to see the things you did.

This headline - Am part of all that I have met sounds pretty cool. But the truth is it is very difficult to live with that, just for a simple reason that in life there are many ups and downs. For ups we want to be a part of but for downs we dont want to accept, how can i be wrong and can commit mistake. Strange thing is nobody wants to accept that they can do any wrong.

I think the problem is, we want to be Perfect, start thinking we know everything and that nobody can do better than us. But we forget one thing that at times things are not in our hand.

Believe me, when you accept that you are not Perfect, things become easy and you become a better person.