Friday, March 21, 2014

Trip to Amritsar

Couple of weeks back, i went to Punjab. It's been quite some time that i have been there, and more important reason was, went to see my ailing father. Though he is still on medication but is making good improvement.

Coming back to trip, below are things i still remember:
  • Mandatory gurudwara visit

  • There are more Gurudwaras in Punjab than schools
  • Kite flying sessions

  • After diabetes & heart related diseases, latest is Hemorrhoids
  • Marriages in Punjab evolved so much that now in snacks, you will get only Pastries & other bakery products. No Indian sweets.
  • Orchestra in marriages now have female dancing troupe.

  • Throwing money over Orchestra dancers is still in fashion or a priority
  • In any function, if there are 6 dishes, 4 are bound to be of Paneer
  • Indian Railways have funny announcements 
    • Dont buy things from strangers
    • Dont show your ticket to strangers

as if we know all the catering & ticket checking staff

  • Shatabdi trains should have announcement of next arriving station. That's a wishful thinking :)

Do share your exp of travelling to Punjab