Quotes by Me

Blessed are the ones, who realises, they are blessed.
Date: 04-03-2017

Belief and illusion ..... two sides of the same coin
Date: 20-10-2016

Look around and see, how strong people are. Look inside and see, how strong you have been
Date: 19-07-2016

Love cure all the curses
Date: 27-06-2016

We have been sold the concept of happiness & we follow that blindly without thinking it's just a gimmick
Date: 04-03-2016

There is a difference between meditation and dreaming, though both relates to watching yourself / your thoughts
Date: 02-02-2016

Present is just an intermediary between the past and future
Date: 16-01-2016

You believe in a lie, and one day, that lie will become your truth
Date: 03-12-2015

Nightmares often turns into beautiful dreams
Date: 20-10-2015

Being a vegetarian has nothing to do with any religion, it's all about keeping you "dependent"
Date: 11-08-2015

Mind is the controller. Brain is the processor. It just process the things, which mind tells him to
Date: 04-07-2015

It's funny, how our emotions (happiness, sadness ..etc) depend on others
Date: 19-05-2015

People who believe that children born out of incest relationships have down syndrome or are retarded, also believe our ancestors are one
Date: 31-03-2015

One thing is certain, even though India has 330 millions gods, there is none for laughter
Date: 13-02-2015

Best thing about thoughts is, they vanish
Date: 20-11-2014

Good, may not win in the short term but eventually, will win
Date: 28-08-2014

Thing with realization is, it doesn't get store in the memory
Date: 20-01-2014

It's strange how we have conditioned ourselves that solution to all our problem lie with others.
Date: 08-10-2013

People who give other people examples are the ones who don't do what they say / preach.
Date: 17-08-2013

Things/people are as important as you make them to be.
Date: 16-08-2013

Your learning always depend on your state of mind.
Date: 29-07-2013

The whole God's business is to create fear in your mind so that you keep praying. In other words, you are afraid more from God than from the devil
Date: 19-06-2013

You can't reach greater heights if you are not addicted to that thing.
Date: 07-05-2013

Existence will not put you into a situation / problem, till you are ready to handle that.
Date: 08-01-2013

When you are young, you talk about World problems. When you are little mature, you talk about Country problems. When you grow more, you talk about City problems and in the end you talk about your own problems.
Date: 14-12-2012

If you want "the Best", be the best.
Date: 26-11-2012

Like desires, forbidden things differ from person to person.
Date: 24-10-2012

Women are perfect example that the world is constantly changing.
Date: 25-08-2012

Any person who is in a hurry, is either a short distance traveler or will be in your life for short span of time
Date: 09-08-2012

Anticipation often leads to miscalculation
Date: 03-05-2012

You grow only, when you are "alone"
Date: 25-04-2012

Dedication & devotion keeps on changing based on the people around you
Date: 22-04-2012

Any person, who hates death, has never lived fully.
Date: 29-03-2012

What you believe in, become your truth.
Date: 12-03-2012

One of the biggest drawbacks of any freedom movement is that you loose the respect for Law and Order.
Date: 25-01-2012

Once your desires get strong, they start coming true.
Date: 15-01-2012

Even in the fantasy world, there will be a struggle to survive
Date: 05-01-2012

When it comes to pushing the limit ... only option is the "sky"
Date: 12-12-2011

People are not scared of other people, they are scared of themselves.
Date: 29-11-2011

Popularity of anything can be seen from, how many things are getting compared with it.
Date: 15-11-2011

Biggest irony of any person life is when you have the desires but no hope.
Date: 07-11-2011

Mind and Brain are two very funny things.
Date: 25-10-2011

Every shy person has fictional characters, he talks to.
Date: 21-10-2011

Words are the most powerful thing in this world.
Date: 17-10-2011

When you are young, you like seeing things but as you grow old, you shift from seeing to reading. Perhaps you realize that your own imagination is better than someone else's.
Date: 10-10-2011

To have a prophecy, you MUST be that powerful.
Date: 03-10-2011

It will be easy to move on, if only we know how much efforts will be saved by doing that.
Date: 27-09-2011

Our life is like Walk on the fire, little imbalance & we will fall in the fire of pain, agony and frustration
Date: 22-09-2011

If you oppose anything, be ready to feel / bear the pain.
Date: 13-09-2011

No two persons can give the same amount of Importance to any particular person/thing.
Date: 29-08-2011

We want others to accept who we are but have problem in accepting others who they are
Date: 28-07-2011

We have long list of needs and the only thing missing is talk to our own self
Date: 22-07-2011

We have become skeptical so much so that even if everything is good, we feel something is wrong. How can all be good?
Date: 21-07-2011

It is easy to see God/Existence as a separate entity than your own self
Date: 20-07-2011

Ego is nothing more than, just a perception.
Date: 06-07-2011

Beliefs play very important and vital role in shaping your life.
Date: 04-06-2011

No matter how fast you will be or have become, your heartbeat will always be 72 per minute
Date: 27-05-2011

Living up to someone's expectations will either make or break you
Date: 16-05-2011

Best thing I learned is - Life is more about exp & less of words. More you talk .. more Non-sense you become
Date: 14-05-2011

No matter how Mighty you are, soon you will be The Past
Date: 07-05-2011

Believing is NOT a decision but rather a Principle.
Date: 28-04-2011

Comparing Life with anything is like comparing Ocean with a Glass of Water
Date: 28-04-2011

Biggest Condition Man kind ever has/had is that s/he "need" society and his/her life is in-complete without it.
Date: 08-03-2011

Happiness is very subjective word, mostly depends on your circumstances and mind set you are in.
Date: 25-02-2011

People are loudest when you are at the bottom and as you grow they become silent.
Date: 14-02-2011

At times, some "realizations" will put you in a fix & one of them is "Desire".
Date: 03-02-2011

We "seek" love only because we dont love "ourselves".
Date: 27-01-2011

Best way to act as a mature person is to Let other make mistakes and learn.
Date: 20-01-2011

Biggest confusion Man-kind ever faces - Whether to live Alone like an immortal or live as a mortal with a care for someone.
Date: 04-01-2011

More I interact with other people, more I want to be myself.
Date: 13-12-2010

Most of our problems are due to our Non-Working attitude.
Date: 13-12-2010

We born alone and will also die alone, perhaps thats the reason we are Scared of being "Alone"
Date: 16-10-2010

Your presence is all I need coz Heart is always in the Future and Mind in the Past. I need your presence coz it will be in Present.
Date: 08-09-2010

For an Image conscious person like me, I keep destroying it again and again.
Date: 27-08-2010

Even though you are you, people will still judge you.
Date: 13-08-2010

Only difference between a Stalker and a Lover is, your FEELINGS for that person.
Date: 25-07-2010

In Life - Question remains the same, only it's the answer that differs.
Date: 23-07-2010

You stand against those, who Empower you.
Date: 15-07-2010