Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Other Aspect

I always wonder how people create perception by looking at only one side. How our society impose things upon us, even when they themselves do not know the other side of the story, or perhaps they dont want to know. We often say, every coin has 2 sides then how come all these things/stories have only 1 end, which have been shown to us. Is it that the other end is more painful? Or is it that it will reveal the true color of their "Heroes"?

I would like to give few examples:

1) Every Year, we burn the effigies of Ravan, Meghnath & Kumbkaran. Reason is, coz Ravan kidnap Sita, wife of Ram. But we often forget that it was Ram & his Brother who first humiliated Ravan's sister.

All she had asked Ram was to marry her. Well, I dont see any wrong in that, not sure how many of you will see this as a wrong thing. I mean she had just "Asked" him to marry her.

According to one south indian scripture Sita was ugly and was not beautiful, whereas Ravan's sister was very beautiful. And look at what Ram's brother did to her, according to same scripture he cut's her "Nose, Ear & Boobs". Since Boobs are the symbol of womanhood, he cut her boobs, so that no-body can marry her. Isnt this the most cruel thing done to any women?

Moreover, according to Jain religion, Raavan is one of the incarnation of God. So is it fair, to burn effigies of the God?

Addition: Friend just pointed out that Raavan had never touched Sita unlike Ram who first took her Agni pariksha (Walk on the Fire) and then throw her out of the house.

2) Coming to Mahabharata, we all see Duryodhan as an evil person. I was reading a book called "Palace of Illusions" by Chitra Banerjee. According to the author, this book is based Draupadi, and gives feminist interpretation of the epic Mahabharata. According to this book, Yudhisthira has more ego than Duryodhan.
Very different to what have been shown to us.

3) In our schools, we have been taught that Czar's of Russia were very cruel. They didnt care for their people ..etc..etc. Am sure, it's still the same in the books now as well. Lately, people have found that Czar's were very kind hearted ruler of Russia and have Blood relations with Britain's Royal Kingdom.
Again very different to what have been taught to us.

4) Indian people blame M.A. Jinnah for creating a separate country whereas people who either had worked with him or have written about him, feels the other way. They feel that Jinnah was secular and was strongly in favour of "United India". It was Nehru & Gandhi who led to the division of India.
Again very different to what have been portrayed to us.

In the end, i will say - please look at the other side before making any perception.

PS: Am sure there will be many more examples, Do share your knowledge and wisdom.


Angel.. said...

Well i like the examples mentioned but it's just that unless you are there in a situation you can;t say who is right and who is wrong. People have their own perspective on things and sometimes what someone writes is not the complete truth. Also a perception of a situation differs from person to person no matter how many sides to a story you have. But none-the-less it does give a nice view of your thoughts..

Luna Lovegood said...

I can see where u are getting at.. bt the problem is - everything got a good and a bad side.. just like you said..
Surpanakha wanted to marry him.. correct.. bt then she attacked Sita.. that's when her EARS and NOSE were cut.. no more harm done :P .. and then Surpanakha was the one to fuel up Raavan..

then correctly Yudhistra was a worse human than anyone in the entire Mahabharata.. he not only had ego but also didnot respect women.. he did nothing to save his wife's respect..

and there are 1000 more examples.. the point remains.. which side you wanna see :)

bt like I always say.. great observation!! (Hope u get this one now!!)

Satinder S. Panesar said...

@angel True, perception of a situation differs from person to person but here what am talking about is that most people dont know what's the truth before making a perception. E.g. General perception about Mumbai (if you go outside Maharashtra) is everybody is or know "BHAI's" & Mumbai girls just sleep around.

But if you are in Maharashtra & you hear these things, you will be shocked, isnt it?

Satinder S. Panesar said...

@shruti - I think she has the right to say, what had happened to her, to her brother, rite?