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Am part of all that I have met

Last nite, went to a party organised by Destiny of Sound with DJ Pearl playing. A friend from Facebook invited me to the party, so call other friends to come. Party was nice, Music was good, danced and had fun.

After the party, drop the friends to their places, and thought of having Bun-Maska. To all those people who dont know what is "Bun-Maska", so let me explain you - It is Bun with Butter and Jam. It specially taste Excellent if you eat early in the morning lets say from 1AM to 6AM. So, this urge drives me to have Bun-Maska with Tea. As I was having it, reminds me of OLD memories and took me to the Flash Back to few years back.

I still remember, first time i had Bun-Maska, it was 8 years back, at 4:30 AM in the morning. It was heavenly feeling and after that, it was everyday for couple of years. That Bakery was our home for Dinner cum Breakfast.

Like they say Memories never die, today when I was having it, it reminds me ALL those old memories. I miss all my old friends w…

Chilling Sunday

After having a late Friday night party, didnt feel like going out the next day. So was relaxing at home, watching TV, ordered Pizza and coke for dinner. It was around 11:30PM when on my twitter account someone posted that there is an event for the bloggers.

I send them an email asking more about the event and got a reply that event is specifically for Bloggers and only couple entries allowed. So I registered my name as RSVP for the event, reached there by 1:30 PM. Though later on i saw groups with only Guys coming to the event which was bit surprising.

As soon as you enter, to the right, you see the DJ playing by the pool and on the left side, there are counters for Food and Beer.

As the event was organized by Fosters, they were distributing "Hats" with their Logo on them. There were couple of female's who were wearing Fosters swimming costume's.

Food was Great, much variety for Non-veg people, blessings for me. Chicken was Tender, Mutton was bit Spicy and Fish was…