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Life is beautiful

Too many things happening around, too many disappointments, so much of frustration often lead us to wish that 2012 will come soon or this world should end soon. Was exactly my thoughts when i came to the office today but as i was walking in our office garden, i saw a flower (pic below)... it was sooo beautiful that my inner being felt so happy and all the frustrations are poof .. gone.

One of the reason why we often feel disappointed is because either others say so or others are but should we have to be concerned about what "others" say? I mean people will always say things ir-respective whether you do something or not. So why should we bother about what others say?

Second, Frustrations are mainly due to coz we can't do anything or we feel we can't do anything. But do we need to "blame" ourselves for that? Ofcourse, we need to take the "responsibility" for not doing anything but blame ourselves?? No way.

I just want to say one thing, whenever you…