Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What women Want?

Well, this question has been asked by everyone and from the time, human race came into existence. My personal exp. is, all they want is - Love. As I have mentioned in one of my previous post, how all she could ask was Love. Though she could have asked any thing, but her deep inner desire was of "Love".

Some say - Women want security. My ans to that is, if that's the thing they want, then there would not have been many females who left their luxurious life and are staying with their less rich (as compare to their families) partners.

Some say - in today's world, they want career/ Identity of their own. Am sure, many of us must have seen females leaving their career after marriage, so again if career would have been the thing, they wont be leaving it - right?

Indian history is filled with the stories how women has fought with destiny to bring back their loved ones. How they have left their everything to be with the one whom they love.

In the end I will say, What Women Want - Unconditional Love.