Thursday, February 4, 2010

Success and Start ups

Every now and then we come across an article which says that some student who started something is now earning millions. But am wondering how many of them really get successful? Whats the percentage of these successful people?

Perhaps not even 1 percent.

what??? Not even a 1 percent?

Yes, not even a 1 percent.

So what does this mean? Does this mean that others who has started something are not capable? Well, certainly not. That does not mean any such thing, that means others have stopped exactly on the edge. Had they gone further, they would also have tasted success.

Though there will be many factors which contribute to their success but i will not go into that details. Coz for every single factor there have been BOOKS written by well versed authors.

Point that i want to highlight is - We should not get tempted by those stories but should only do those things wherein we know that, even if we have jump from that edge, we can do that.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Perspective

We all knows the plight of women in India. At times, we do talk about them getting beaten up, raped, molested, female infant foeticied ... you name them, and its there. I was talking to my German friend about female infant foeticied (abortion), that it is illegal in India and the reason why it is illegal in India.

To this my friend said - India should legalize abortion, or maybe govt should promote it. I asked - why? He said, it will solve two purpose i.e. 1) It will control Population and 2) Very Important - it will give women their share of respect.

1) How it will control population - lets say abortion is legal in India, more n more people will abort female infant foeticides and after 10-15 years, for every 4 males there will be 1 female, which means out of 4 only 1 will get married. In other words less population.

2) Very Important - it will bring women out of their plight which they are going thru at present. When, for every 4 males there will be 1 female, then people will start respecting them. They will be appreciated. They will be acknowledged. They will be given their share of honor. They will be treated them like princess's, thus ending their misery and plight.

People - post your comments and let us know what you think about this?