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Writing is so much fun

I always have this problem of expressing myself due to the fact that people will mis-interpret me and they conclude whatever they want and then whole thing will come upon me.

Never realized that writing can be soo much of fun. I always used to run away from writing and now i loves writing. When i write, i feel sooo good, It is a Joy that flows inside.

i can sit in front of the computer for 20 hours in a day and still can go on n on. When i write i forget everything what's going on around me, i can express myself without being getting mis-interpreted. It is tremendous Joy when you write and see that what you wanna say, other people are getting exactly that.

Many thanks to the transition phase of my life which bought my this side up. I can even write Poetry, which many people think it is very hard but now it is coming to me naturally, I dont have to do any effort. Other day, just for fun sake i took this quiz on FB, what i was in the past life?

To my amazement it came out to be a POET …

Speaking truth is a threat to indian culture

There have been uproar in the parliament about one TV show called as SACH KA SAAMNA (Face the truth). They are saying that it is a threat to Indian Culture, am wondering how? If someone speaks the truth, how it will destroy the whole culture? In a country where people worship Gandhi, still people dont want to follow what he has been saying thru out his whole life - "Always speak the truth no matter how hard it is"

In this country which has many religions and every religion says - "Always speak the truth no matter how hard it is" and now if someone is speaking the truth, it is a threat to indian culture and to this VAST country.

Are we that fragile or are we looking out for some publicity?

In this country where there are other BIG issues to be dealt with, our MPs are talking about TV shows, what should or should not be shown. Are we that dumb that we dont understand what we need to watch and what not? Dont we have remote to switch the channels if we dont like somethin…