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World of skeptics

We all say/believe that world is full of mean / skeptic people but the fact of the matter is, we only make people mean and skeptical about everyone / everything. If someone is nice, we keep on telling that person, don't be that nice, people will take undue advantage of you. And people generally succumb to peer pressure.

No matter what people say on the surface, but when you ask them in private, you will be amazed by their thinking as they will give totally different answer.

When i come across such incidents, i often wonder, why people want others to be skeptic? Wouldn't it be nice, if someone approaches you & says, they recognize you from Twitter / FB / Blog / Newspaper, you say thank you with a smile. Wouldn't that make other person happy? Ofcourse, it will.

We all agree to this saying - Be the change you want to see in the world.

So, if we become and be nice (instead of skeptic), eventually this world will become a better & trustworthy place.