Monday, September 28, 2009

Demons and Angels

No, this is not Dan Brown novel but what is happening in my life. There are demons and there are angels. Like the name suggests, Demons - they give you wounds and Angels - heal your wounds. At present am at a crossroad where i can see both.

Today am at farm house, away from city chaos. It is so serene, quite and lovely place (uploaded few pics on my Facebook profile) but still cant get over these gadgets.

I realize that gadgets had become my life's integral part. Without them i feel so incomplete, somehow have created a bond that made me so week that i cant live without them, now they are not luxury but necessity for me.

All friends had gone to the waterfall but seems like i dont want to be with them(i.e. human's), thanks to that person whom i have made my world and She stabbed me, though am on recovery path but still at times that hurts.

During the path of recovery i started to loose faith and trust in humans. Now i have diverted all my energy to my work and to gadgets. Now sitting here at the farm house am thinking do i really want to replace human beings with machines, i.e.gadgets. One part of mine says - NO, i dont want this and other part says - atleast they wont hurt me.

Yest. (25 Sept) I found a very nice person, It happen so that i was reading her blog and i felt like she has written every single word keeping me in mind. It bring tears in my eyes (i know guys dont cry ... but i do), but like an angel, she came online, which otherwise she does not, talk to me and made me feel better. Later on i was thinking how should i re-pay her and i end up saying ... wish i could do something for her.

Many a times, we read/hear that when god see you in pain, he send angels in the form of humans and she is for me.