Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Decade

First decade of 21st century is about to get over. This decade will be the Most memorable decade for me. I have seen alot in this decade mainly due to the reason that i had left my parents home i.e. exactly 10 years back.

I came to Pune to make my own living, started with a bang then got busted like a Bubble. This decade has been a roller coaster ride with many Ups and Downs. Many Realizations, Many learnings, Many achievements, many disappointments, happiness, sadness...etc.

Though this decade was full of things but to me, the MOST valuable things are:

1) Moments of Happiness that i gave to few persons (though i feel now that i could have given to more, perhaps i was not wise enough at that point of time) esp. to those whom I don't know or will never see/ meet. Reason why i consider this as Most valuable coz i didnt expect anything in return or was not hoping anything at all.

2) Realization that am part of Existence and am NO different from him. Though am still struggling with my Inner, which at times do not remember this. Hopefully i will be able to practice by making my inner "Believe" in this.

In the end, wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that you start this new decade with Happiness and will spread Love and Joy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FB status

Gal's status msg on FB- Feeling Sad. 1702 Comments. Guy's Status msg- 'going 2 suicide', 2 likes & 1 comment. "Dude Who's gonna use ur bike?less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Monday, October 11, 2010

National Anthem

Being a part of your National Anthem, wow, looks like a dream. Well, they say - If you dont dream how will they come true. My this dream came true when one friend asked me if I want to be a part of the National Anthem. My immediate reaction was ofcourse, I want to be the part of it.

See the Full video below

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peaceful, Happy and Harmonious life

If you were told that you could shape the experiences that you had in your life, to attract more positive, loving and fulfilling experiences wouldn’t you want to do whatever you could to draw more positive experiences into your life so that you could be free to live a more peaceful, happy and harmonious life.

It is a simple spiritual truth that you can easily try out today. All you need is yourself and your intent…you don’t need anything else and it won’t cost you a penny.

Today set your intent to give love to everyone you meet. That may be with a smile, kind words, a helping hand, giving a compliment, a hug or just being there to listen … but giving unconditionally with no expectation of anything in return.

The main barrier or block that we have in giving is the fearful voice inside that says things like “ if I give to others, there won’t be enough for me” or “ If I give to others I will be taken advantage of and hurt again.” Or “ I am not going to give to them because they never do anything nice for me.” And it is because of limiting fears, beliefs and perceptions like these that we carry and hold on to, that we are restricted not only in our ability to give but also to receive love.

Giving and receiving are the sides of same coin. And all the limiting fears and beliefs that hold us back are just defence mechanisms that we have learnt from early age to protect ourselves from being hurt. Every time you got hurt, you put up another barrier to stop the same thing from happening again and you may have even vowed not to love again to save yourself from being hurt but whilst those barriers may have protected you from being hurt, but at the same time they also closed your heart and blocked your ability, then and now, to give and receive love.

What’s ironic is that the defence mechanism that you put up to protect yourself from getting hurt are actually the ones that stop you from giving. You wanted to be loved but didn’t want to get hurt so you put up blocks and barriers from getting hurt but at the same time it also stopped you from receiving what you were wanting in the first place, i.e. Love. As you learn to put down your defences, you can open your heart for giving and receiving love from a place of love and not fear.

Today set your intent to give love to everyone you meet. And remember in giving try not to focus on the other’s person’s reactions or what’s in it for YOU instead give unconditionally.

And as you give love today, you will see how it returns back to you in the most amazing ways through the experiences that you draw back and attract into your life….but remember don’t give out just to get back, give out from your heart unconditionally.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dependency and Suffering

Main reason of suffering is your Dependency, be it Physical, Emotional, Financial, Work or any other social dependency. The moment you start treating yourself like an individual and detach yourself there wont be any more suffering. You will be the Most happiest person on this earth.

Though saying is always easy than actual doing as we are bound by our family (Brothers / Sisters / Parents etc), social (Friends ..etc) and Work related (Employer / Employees / Collegues ..etc) people.

From my yest. experience i realized that People are angry when their expectations are not met. Your anger leads to frustration, you start feeling helpless and thus start suffering.

Expectations are nothing more than depending on someone else. So if we dont depend on others than most of our sufferings will end.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook Comments

I was about to comment on sum1 status on FB but drop the idea. Now i'm Saved frm 20 notifications emails in da last 30 mins. What a Relief!less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Funny thing in this whole "Comments" section is that ppl forget to "What" they are commenting & they start thr own conversation :P #FBless than a minute ago via HootSuite

Friday, August 6, 2010


Inner Self - I should not say anything to anybody and be quite.
Outer Self - If i dont say anything, how will people understand?

Inner Self - I dont need anyone else, to be Happy.
Outer Self - I need to socialize more.

Inner Self - I'm still a learner.
Outer Self - I have vast exp. to share, I need people.

Inner Self - Whatever is happening around, I dont have any control over.
Outer Self - I'm controlling my life by making decisions.

Inner Self - Your single act can effect many lives, so just be a watcher.
Outer Self - Don't be a watcher, but rather stand up and change the way people think.

Inner Self - I should not Hurt people
Outer Self - Who care about the people?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Am part of all that i have met

We all are busy in building / thinking about our Future. Well, of course we should be, after all we dont want to live a miserable life. Right?

But did you ever rewind the reel of your life? If not, take some time out and see what all things had happened in your life so far. When you do, you will be amazed to see the things you did.

This headline - Am part of all that I have met sounds pretty cool. But the truth is it is very difficult to live with that, just for a simple reason that in life there are many ups and downs. For ups we want to be a part of but for downs we dont want to accept, how can i be wrong and can commit mistake. Strange thing is nobody wants to accept that they can do any wrong.

I think the problem is, we want to be Perfect, start thinking we know everything and that nobody can do better than us. But we forget one thing that at times things are not in our hand.

Believe me, when you accept that you are not Perfect, things become easy and you become a better person.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ever wondered what you are doing or where you are at present, why only you are there? And not anybody else? Isnt it a Miracle?

Some might say it's coz of their dedication or Luck. I will say Neither, coz:
  • There are Hundred and Thousands of people doing the same thing and are more dedicated or focused than you, but they are not there where you are, right?
  • Luck - again 2 types of luck
    • Good Luck - Anything that goes in our favour, we call it as Good Luck.
    • Bad Luck - Anything that goes against our favour, we call it as Bad Luck
What is Favour?
Anything that boost our EGO is a favour. Sometime its your's and sometime its someone else's. So that means your Bad luck is a Good Luck for someone else.

I dont believe there is anything called as "Luck" for a simple reason that nothing in this world is Bad. Just coz you dont like some person or thing doesn't make that person/thing Bad.

I believe it's Miracle that is happening all around us and we dont have any control on anything. We dont even have control on the things that we have CREATED. Ever noticed how, many a times you try fixing/doing a thing but all in vein and as soon as someone touches it, it start happening/working. And you wonder what was wrong with that?

Some of you have met me, some of you dont but still reading this. Well, Thank You but isnt it a Miracle?

Those who have met me are still finding it difficult that this is not the person they had met. Isnt it a Miracle that you know a person for Years and 1 day you see that person has completely changed or Transformed?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Other Aspect

I always wonder how people create perception by looking at only one side. How our society impose things upon us, even when they themselves do not know the other side of the story, or perhaps they dont want to know. We often say, every coin has 2 sides then how come all these things/stories have only 1 end, which have been shown to us. Is it that the other end is more painful? Or is it that it will reveal the true color of their "Heroes"?

I would like to give few examples:

1) Every Year, we burn the effigies of Ravan, Meghnath & Kumbkaran. Reason is, coz Ravan kidnap Sita, wife of Ram. But we often forget that it was Ram & his Brother who first humiliated Ravan's sister.

All she had asked Ram was to marry her. Well, I dont see any wrong in that, not sure how many of you will see this as a wrong thing. I mean she had just "Asked" him to marry her.

According to one south indian scripture Sita was ugly and was not beautiful, whereas Ravan's sister was very beautiful. And look at what Ram's brother did to her, according to same scripture he cut's her "Nose, Ear & Boobs". Since Boobs are the symbol of womanhood, he cut her boobs, so that no-body can marry her. Isnt this the most cruel thing done to any women?

Moreover, according to Jain religion, Raavan is one of the incarnation of God. So is it fair, to burn effigies of the God?

Addition: Friend just pointed out that Raavan had never touched Sita unlike Ram who first took her Agni pariksha (Walk on the Fire) and then throw her out of the house.

2) Coming to Mahabharata, we all see Duryodhan as an evil person. I was reading a book called "Palace of Illusions" by Chitra Banerjee. According to the author, this book is based Draupadi, and gives feminist interpretation of the epic Mahabharata. According to this book, Yudhisthira has more ego than Duryodhan.
Very different to what have been shown to us.

3) In our schools, we have been taught that Czar's of Russia were very cruel. They didnt care for their people ..etc..etc. Am sure, it's still the same in the books now as well. Lately, people have found that Czar's were very kind hearted ruler of Russia and have Blood relations with Britain's Royal Kingdom.
Again very different to what have been taught to us.

4) Indian people blame M.A. Jinnah for creating a separate country whereas people who either had worked with him or have written about him, feels the other way. They feel that Jinnah was secular and was strongly in favour of "United India". It was Nehru & Gandhi who led to the division of India.
Again very different to what have been portrayed to us.

In the end, i will say - please look at the other side before making any perception.

PS: Am sure there will be many more examples, Do share your knowledge and wisdom.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What women Want?

Well, this question has been asked by everyone and from the time, human race came into existence. My personal exp. is, all they want is - Love. As I have mentioned in one of my previous post, how all she could ask was Love. Though she could have asked any thing, but her deep inner desire was of "Love".

Some say - Women want security. My ans to that is, if that's the thing they want, then there would not have been many females who left their luxurious life and are staying with their less rich (as compare to their families) partners.

Some say - in today's world, they want career/ Identity of their own. Am sure, many of us must have seen females leaving their career after marriage, so again if career would have been the thing, they wont be leaving it - right?

Indian history is filled with the stories how women has fought with destiny to bring back their loved ones. How they have left their everything to be with the one whom they love.

In the end I will say, What Women Want - Unconditional Love.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lonely Hands

Memories play very important role in our life. They can make you feel happy, sad, can bring smile on your face and can also bring tears in your eyes. On one side, You can wait entire life just to spend 1 moment with that someone special and on the other side, 1 moment spend with some person and you dont want to see that person again in your entire life.

Today, am narrating how i feel when some memories spend with that special person, came back to me.

There was a time when we both use to go there. Then comes a time, when you had started going alone, without knowing the reason why i had stopped going there. Reason was, I soo much want you and wanted you to be with me.

This time when i was crossing that place my heart start pounding, something inside start saying - Maybe you are there. Though that place was overcrowded, my eyes start searching, searching the glimpse of you. Your Smile!

All those memories came to me, how i use to protect you from the crowd, how i use to hold your hand. But this time, it was all different. There was No one to protect, No one to Hold and my Lonely hands were Missing the touch of your's.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Is there a true love?

Last night a friend called up saying she want to discuss something. I went to her place and she was crying. After sometime, i asked her what happened?

She said - her love story is now ended completely. I asked her, to tell me the complete thing to which she said, they had a bad fight and now its all over. I feel very happy that finally its over but still to make sure, i asked her - Is this story finally over or is it that after some days you will start cribbing again about this guy? To this she said, No No, this time it's completely over.

Somehow i still dont believe her, as this is almost 100 time in the last few months that she said that her love story is over. This guy treats her very bad, even say bad words which otherwise you dont say it. Still this girl does not listen or want to move on but want to stick with the same guy.

Strange thing is - many girls fall in love with those people who are either already engaged/married or who dont treat them nicely. I happen to ask this to a female and she said -
"Its fun and challenging when you fall in for these guys. Fun is coz they are very un-expected/surprising & challenging is since these guys have tendency to shift from one female to another and they want to prove it wrong by showing that these guys can stick to them"

Post your comments and let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday Air India (AI) staff strike was called off and this time NOT due to their peer pressure but by firm stand of the Govt. They did not bend to the demands of AI staff. Though I really like the attitude of the Govt. as this is no way to get your demands met. But having said that, doesnt mean that Govt. should start exploiting the labour or dont care/listen to them. Ofcourse, there must be strict laws for such exploitation but going on strikes are NO option either

For 2 days, many travelers suffer due to the Strike from AI staff. People had booked their tickets couple of days in advance,so that means they have no idea about this last minute strike. Apart from losing money, they have also lost their precious time. Some might have important issues to be resolved, but this strike left them stranded at the airport.

Just 2 days of Strike costs Govt. 12 Crores. This money is very important as last year only, Govt. has given 10,000 Crore to AI for its survival.

From where do Govt. get all this money (read 10,000 crore)?
From You, Me and ALL the taxpayers of the country.

Wondering who is accountable for this loss (12 crores in 2 days) of money? Or Should we stop paying Tax? Or should there be Laws that no Govt. employees can go on Strike or else they will be sacked?

Post your comments and let me know your thoughts.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changing Times

Those who still believe that it's the guys who makes the first move needs to think again. Now girls dont want to wait for Guys to make the first move, instead if they are interested in some guy they take the shot.

I'm narrating 2 Real life incidents which happen to me in the recent past.

1) Last week, I went to Doolally (Pune's first brewhouse) as friends had already gone there and were calling. Met friends and getting to know friends of the friends. There was this girl who was drooling over a foreigner. After sometime, she started saying that she wanna get laid by this foreigner. Everyone was shocked, but that didnt stop her from going ahead.

2) Yest. I went to Pyramids lawns (Riverview) for Live music concert. Music was nice and was enjoying. They stopped the concert for a refreshment break. I went to Food stall, put few items (am not gonna disclose, what & how much) on my plate. All of a sudden 1 girl came and start talking to me that she is single, & she likes me ...etc..etc. After a while, she said, she wanted to go with me.

Seems like existence is telling us to shed our inhibitions and adjust to the changing times.

What you people say/think, post your comments.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Backward or Forward?

We all condemn the Britishers for ruling our country for more than 2 centuries. Today I like to Thank them for giving us what we call India. Before Britishers took over, India was divided into small kingdoms and in severals castes. They united all these kingdoms and abolish various in-human practices like Sati pratha ..etc..etc.

And here we are after 63 years of Independence, indulging in creating smaller and smaller states and dividing people according to caste/creed/region and religion.

When our constitution was written by B. R. Ambedkar, a lower caste person, the motive behind this move would have been to treat everybody equally.Our constitution says that everybody's equal and holds equal rights, no matter to which caste they belong to.

Its Ironic that today we dont want to follow the principal of equality, basic of our Constitution. We want to divide the society on the basis of castes/regions and Religions. Everybody says that Britishers had adopted the policy of Divide and Rule but isnt the same that we Indians are doing now?

Earlier we only have quota system but now a separate census for the people belonging to lower castes. Isnt this dividing the society? Amazine how a person would feel when you tell him/her that they cant stand and vote with you coz their census is different as they belong to lower caste. Isnt this a Shame to what we call it as a Modern India? Are we going Forward or moving Backward?

Monday, April 19, 2010


Admission season is round the corner and again there will be Reservation issues. Deserving people dont get admission whereas other people will get the admission.. why? Coz they belong to a particular caste/religion where Govt has reserved a quota for them.

I hate the Caste system and more than that I Hate Reservation being given to them. It's not that I'm against those people or something but coz this reservation will deprive the capable people to utilize their abilities/skills. Let me give you 1 example - One student who studied hard whole year and get 90% marks and another student who didnt study much and just get the passing marks i.e. 35-40%. When it comes to Admission, this person who studied SOO hard didnt get admission .. why? Coz of the reservation system and this person who didnt study at all, got the admission.

People give the argument that these people does not have necessary facilities, so my question is - why doesnt Govt provide these facilities and make them able to COMPETE with other people rather than giving them quota/reservations?

Another thing I see is - It's kind of disgrace even to those people who belong to these castes/religion as it tells them directly - look you are not capable enough to COMPETE with other people so we are giving you the reservation.

Many political parties make BIG hue and cry saying that other political parties categorizes people based on Caste. But at the same time, they want the reservation based on caste and Religion. Perhaps they themselves are in a dilemma what exactly they want i.e. On one side, they want Reservation based on Caste/Religion and on the other hand they want to abolish/remove this caste system.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blame on others

When I first came to Pune from Punjab, I was like wow, i have come to the Education city (Oxford of the East) of India. My thoughts when I came to Pune was, that condition of women here will be much better as compared to the other cities. But with the passage i realized this is NOT the case. Infact even worse than other cities. If you have read my previous posts you will know how much I respect women.

At my place in Punjab, if something happens to a Girl/Female, we catch the culprit and don't blame the Girl coz she is the victim. But here (read Pune) whenever something happen, people put ALL the blame on the Girl/Female.

I remember few years back there was a rape in Symbiosis and Administration put all the blame on the Girl saying her dressing was NOT proper. They did not try to catch the culprit and put him behind bars but instead they force the dress code in the college.

Every now and then, Girls are Molested, Raped, Beaten up but then again, ALL the blame is on the Girl. I dont understand why instead of putting these culprits behind bars, we blame the women who actually are the victims?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Will you fight for justice?

Today when i logged on to Twitter, I saw there were many tweets related to Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev coz today is the martyrdom day for them.

These people fight for everyone of us, ir-respective of our caste, colour, creed or regions which shows their LOVE towards this Great Nation. And today, we are fighting amongst ourselves on the basis of Regions.

In Maharashtra, every now and then some political party come up and start spreading hatred. They spill venom on people belonging to other regions. They vendalize shops, burn Buses ..etc..etc.

I'm sure, if these people (Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev) would have seen this, they would have cried and felt sorry for what they have done for India.

I was wondering how many of us will follow the path which they have followed? How many of us are willing to sacrifice our luxuries and are willing to fight for the justice? How many of us see and Believe in India as ONE?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women's Bill

From the last 2 days, there have been ruckus in the parliament, which ofcourse is not a new thing. India has witnessed even worse than what we had seen in the last 2 days. These chaos are for passing the women's bill in the Rajya Sabha.

Though I'm against any kind of reservation, but feel inclined towards this bill. Reason being, it will help women who has been deprived of their equality with men. More Importantly it will help them to stand up and work shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. Being from a Sikh religion, where our Gurus has taught us that Females are NO less than males. They said -

ਸੋ ਕਯੋਂ ਮੰਦਾ ਆਖੀਏ
ਜਿਤ ਜਮੇ ਰਾਜਾਨ

meaning thereby, we should NOT say any bad word/thing to women when they are the one who gives you the BIRTH. Your whole identity/being is coz of them. You must have the HIGHEST regard for them.

Now, coming back to yest. events, in the evening I came to know that after Voting on Women's bill, It has been passed. I was feeling very happy, atleast something has started for the betterment of the women. For those, who has missed my earlier post about Plight of Indian women, you can read here

I was watching the Interview of Sonia Gandhi with Barkha Dutt from NDTV. She said a very beautiful thing:

Its NOT the victory of any party, but the victory of ALL the women's in India

Though her party people are going gaga over this, but she doesnt want to give the credit to herself but to the entire nation's women.

Lastly, I congratulate ALL the women's of India. Though the road ahead is not smooth as this is just a baby step towards what we wish to see.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Networker or bad networker

Today's age is the age of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Everyday we get one or other follow / friend requests on these sites, but am wondering are we able to cope up with everything? Or it's mere a showoff e.g. how many followers i have on Twitter or how many friends i have on Facebook?

Here is what one of the networker who has more than 1000 contacts writes after deleting 400 contacts/friends:
"well... everything is a good excuse to watch yourself I guess... I was almost reaching 1.000 and I was a bit "proud"... good networking... but then, really, who gives the s.... about networking? I realized that out of 1000 friends I am interested in few... I like when I see interesting post, video, some nice and honest sharing, I like art. It is also clear for me that I am not interested in games, roses, virtual gift or hugs... than you make a choice..."

For a person like me, who does not want to Hurt anybody, visiting my parents last month had opened many doors. I was there for 1 weak, though I had Internet connection but my brother's laptop had gone for repairing, so it was as good as nothing. During that time, I realized that what are my priorities? What I want to do in my life?

In the last few months i was online for almost 15 hours a day on Twitter but now a days though I still stay online on Twitter but my activities have been reduced. I only tweet when I feel that people can gain something out of that, or I reply to those tweets wherein I feel my ans might help the other person. So what does this show? Am a good networker or bad?

Do let me know what you think about.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blame on others

On Saturday evening, at around 7:15 PM, when i was coming from Delhi to Pune, I came to know that there is a Bomb Blast in Koregaon Park, Pune. A place which I consider the most safest place in Pune had witnessed the terror attack.

Next Day, i bought the newspaper and it was written that cause for the blast is Bursting of LPG cylinder and by the time i reached Pune i.e. around 11:30PM, it was confirmed that it was a terrorist attack.

I also came to know that people burn the posters of Bal Thackeray coz the state govt has said that it was due to his threat of stopping the screening of the movie i.e. "My Name is Khan" that the state govt had to deploy the police on the theaters, so that the screening of the movie goes smooth.

I'm wondering what kind of Govt is this? For this govt, entertainment is a bigger issue than the lives of innocent people?

When they already had the intelligence report that there are possible terror attacks in Pune then why did they remove the security personnel from the sensitive areas?

Now another story is going around that Terrorists got panicked, but how can any person panics when his/her only motive is to die?

When will this govt stop fooling around and start taking the citizens seriously? When will this Govt stop blaming others for their negligence and Failures?

What are your thoughts on this, do write

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Success and Start ups

Every now and then we come across an article which says that some student who started something is now earning millions. But am wondering how many of them really get successful? Whats the percentage of these successful people?

Perhaps not even 1 percent.

what??? Not even a 1 percent?

Yes, not even a 1 percent.

So what does this mean? Does this mean that others who has started something are not capable? Well, certainly not. That does not mean any such thing, that means others have stopped exactly on the edge. Had they gone further, they would also have tasted success.

Though there will be many factors which contribute to their success but i will not go into that details. Coz for every single factor there have been BOOKS written by well versed authors.

Point that i want to highlight is - We should not get tempted by those stories but should only do those things wherein we know that, even if we have jump from that edge, we can do that.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Perspective

We all knows the plight of women in India. At times, we do talk about them getting beaten up, raped, molested, female infant foeticied ... you name them, and its there. I was talking to my German friend about female infant foeticied (abortion), that it is illegal in India and the reason why it is illegal in India.

To this my friend said - India should legalize abortion, or maybe govt should promote it. I asked - why? He said, it will solve two purpose i.e. 1) It will control Population and 2) Very Important - it will give women their share of respect.

1) How it will control population - lets say abortion is legal in India, more n more people will abort female infant foeticides and after 10-15 years, for every 4 males there will be 1 female, which means out of 4 only 1 will get married. In other words less population.

2) Very Important - it will bring women out of their plight which they are going thru at present. When, for every 4 males there will be 1 female, then people will start respecting them. They will be appreciated. They will be acknowledged. They will be given their share of honor. They will be treated them like princess's, thus ending their misery and plight.

People - post your comments and let us know what you think about this?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Someone .... something is always far

One of my FB friend asks me why someone/something which you Love is always far? What can you answer to this question, so i said i will think and will let you know. One day i was doing my morning walk, then all of a sudden this question pop up in my mind alongwith the answer.

1) Why someone/something is always far is coz if that someone/something is near to you, you will loose the importance of that. Perhaps this is what happens with most of couples who are in Love. Till the time they are far, they VALUE each other, the moment they start living together soon they start loosing the importance of other person and they start growing apart.

2) Existence will give you that only when the time is right and when you needed it the most. When desperation is at his best, if at that point of time you get what you love, it will give you a exp. which cant be forgotten. A blissful exp. Those will be the precious moments which you can cherish thru out your life.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lohri Song & Story

While Tweeting today, this thought came to my mind - how many of the youngsters knows the REAL Lohri song? How many knows the exact story behind Lohri?

Maybe not many, so thought of posting it here. First the Lyrics:

ਸੁੰਦਰ ਮੁੰਦਰੀਏ ਹੋ
ਤੇਰਾ ਕੌਣ ਵਿਚਾਰਾ ਹੋ
ਦੁਲਾ ਭੱਟੀ ਵਾਲਾ ਹੋ
ਦੁਲਾ ਦੀ ਧੀ ਵਿਹਾਯੀ ਹੋ
ਸੇਰ ਸ਼ਕ੍ਕਰ ਪਾਈ ਹੋ
ਕੁੜੀ ਦਾ ਲਾਲ ਪਾਚਾਕਾ ਹੋ
ਕੁੜੀ ਦਾ ਸਾਲੂ ਪਾਤ੍ਤਾ ਹੋ
ਸਾਲੂ ਕੌਣ ਸਮੇਟੇ
ਮਾਮ੍ਹੇ ਚੂਰੀ ਕੁੱਟੀ
ਜ਼ਮਿਦਾਰਾ ਲੁੱਟੀ
ਜ਼ਮੀਂਦਾਰ ਸੁਧਾਏ
ਬੜੇ ਭੋਲੇ ਆਏ
ਏਕ ਭੋਲਾ ਰਹ ਗਯਾ
ਸਿਪਾਹੀ ਪਕੜ ਲੈ ਗਯਾ
ਸਿਪਾਹੀ ਨੇ ਮਾਰੀ ਈਟ
ਸਾਨੂ ਦੇ ਦੇ ਲੋਹਰੀ ਤੇ ਤੇਰੀ ਜੀਵੇ ਜੋੜੀ
ਪਹੀਨ੍ਵੇ ਰੋ ਤੇ ਫਾਨ੍ਨ੍ਵੇ ਪਿਟ

Sunder mundriye hoe!
Tera kaun wicahara hoe!
Dullah bhatti walla hoe!
Dullahe di dhee vyayae hoe!
Ser shakkar payee hoe!
Kudi da laal pachaka hoe!
Kudi da saalu paatta hoe!
Salu kaun samete!
Mamhe choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee pakad ke lai gaya!
Sipahee ne mari eet!
Sanoo de de lohri te teri jeeve jodi!
Paheenve ro te phannve pit!

Now the story:
Who will save you poor one (to a rescued girl)
Dullah Bhatti is here for you (He rescued the girls who were abandoned and rejected after kidnap!)
The Duallah married off his daughter (the rescued girls were adopted by him as his daughters)
He gave a measure (sher about a kilo)of sugar!
The girl is wearing bridal red dress!
But her shawl is torn (poor and soiled-girl has been raped?)!
Who will stitch her shawl(repair her reputation)?!

The maternal uncle made sweet ghee bread (choori)! (maternal uncles were responsible to vouch for chastity of the girl)

The landlords ravished it (meaning the girl kidnapped by rich moghul landlords!)!
He made the landlords eat a lot!
Lots of innocent guys came (poor grooms)
One innocent boy got left behind (the poorest of poor!)
The soldiers arrested him! (Indicated that he was in collusion with Bhatti the rebel)
The soldiers hit him with a brick! (tortured him)
Give us lohri (gifts) ..long live you couple!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Everybody says that Guys are Pervert, but how Girls flaunt their colors of bras on Facebook today, doesnt that make them Pervert?

According to Wiki - Perversion is a concept describing those types of human behavior that are perceived to be a serious deviation from what is considered to be normal.

Are there ONLY Sexual Perverts? Well, I think not. I like to categorize so i will do that now, as well. According to me there are 3 types of Perverts:

1) Sexual Pervert
2) Power Pervert (Read Politicians)
3) Limelight Pervert (Read Celebrities)

1) Sexual Pervert - I feel people already know so much about this category that i should let them into their fantasy world. :P

2) Power Pervert - There is a general thinking in India that if you have the Power, no matter what you do, you can get away with it. Coz till recently, this use to happen. People having some power become sooo SHAMELESS that even if you catch them Red Handed, they will straight away deny the FACT that its not them.
I would like to mention here 1 incident, which took place couple of months back at the AGM of our society (building) where I stay. I raised 1 point saying that it was agreed in the last AGM, this Secretory(Old man which is a Power Pervert) completely denied it. When I confronted other members, every member who was present was saying that it was Agreed but this Secretory was completely Denying it. Then I have to get it in WRITING so that next time, if he deny, i will show him his handwritten letter.

3) Limelight Pervert - There are people who can do anything to get into the Limelight. They will do Bad mouthing, will abuse anybody (if you have seen roadies/splitvilla - you know what I mean), and they can even kiss a stranger just to get some limelight.
E.g. To name a few Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra ..etc. Just to get some limelight and get noticed, they make these kind of remarks - "Jo Bhagwan nahi Deta Woh Doctor Deta hai". They will do all kind of stunts just to stay into limelight.

I would like to know your opinion or if you want to add anything.

Monday, January 4, 2010


This is my first post after New Year, so i was thinking what should be my first post. After wishing everyone, i realized what else could be more appropriate than talking about Dreams.

I have always wondered about how these dreams come and how these changes our life. So, I decided to put them into 3 categories which are as follows:

1) Which comes automatic i.e. which God/Existence want to show/give us
2) Things which are in our Sub-conscious mind
3) Things that we see while we try to sleep during the night.

1) Dreams that comes automatic and can change your life: Am sure, everyone has seen this movie "Avatar", even in that movie they have shown that every person is connected to God/Existence. It is just that during our day-to-day life somehow we stop listening to God/Existence. Then these things come as Dreams to show whats gonna happen in the future. Or if something has happened in the past and we are not able to understand then how and why it has happened.

2) Things which are in our sub-conscious mind: There are six functions of the subconscious. One, as a memory bank (like a computer), two, to regulate involuntary functions (heart, thinking, etc.), three, as the seat of emotions, four, as the seat of imagination, five, to control habit, and six, as a dynamo –directing energy that motivates us.

To understand how this works, first you must understand the four states of mind. We are in the beta state for most of our waking hours. Our brain radiates these waves (13 cycles per second, often greatly higher) when we are thinking, reasoning or engaging in problem solving. As our brain waves slow to between 8 and 13 cycles per second, we enter the alpha state of mind. The door between our conscious and subconscious mind is opened, and it becomes easier to access the memories and storage of new information. This is also often referred as the meditative state, in which the mind and body become so relaxed. We are also more suggestible in this state.

Below the two conscious states are theta (between 4 to 8 cycles per second), the dream state, and delta (below four cycles per second), which is deep sleep or total unconsciousness. We are actually familiar with these states since we must pass through theta on the way to and from delta. Likewise, we must pass through alpha on the way to and from sleep. When we are just going to sleep but not quite there yet, or just awakening but not yet awake, we are either in Alpha or theta.

3) Things that we see while we try to sleep during the night: These can also be called as our wishes. We try to imagine those things that we have wished to come true. We create our own imaginary world and do the things how we want to do. e.g. If i want to be with a person whom I love, first i will create the circumstances of how we will meet, after meeting what we will do, where we will go ..etc..etc. So everything is happening in the imaginary world.