Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday Air India (AI) staff strike was called off and this time NOT due to their peer pressure but by firm stand of the Govt. They did not bend to the demands of AI staff. Though I really like the attitude of the Govt. as this is no way to get your demands met. But having said that, doesnt mean that Govt. should start exploiting the labour or dont care/listen to them. Ofcourse, there must be strict laws for such exploitation but going on strikes are NO option either

For 2 days, many travelers suffer due to the Strike from AI staff. People had booked their tickets couple of days in advance,so that means they have no idea about this last minute strike. Apart from losing money, they have also lost their precious time. Some might have important issues to be resolved, but this strike left them stranded at the airport.

Just 2 days of Strike costs Govt. 12 Crores. This money is very important as last year only, Govt. has given 10,000 Crore to AI for its survival.

From where do Govt. get all this money (read 10,000 crore)?
From You, Me and ALL the taxpayers of the country.

Wondering who is accountable for this loss (12 crores in 2 days) of money? Or Should we stop paying Tax? Or should there be Laws that no Govt. employees can go on Strike or else they will be sacked?

Post your comments and let me know your thoughts.


Beauty and the BEast said...

That's definitely food for thought. Sometimes we get judgmental by hearing just one side of the story. Ok so the staff went on strike for a reason. Ok so the govt didnt give in. And Ok so the govt is getting its money from us taxpayers. But hey, apart from the airlines, the govt is trying to maintain airports, runways, handle those expenses..

So lets ease on the Govt a bit. And try and understand the whole picture. I am all for it!

keep writing your thoughts, it leads people like me to think. I would have never paused to think about this otherwise!

Liked being here :)

Luna Lovegood said...

well said..
and well tht money is not entire frm our pockets.. its mostly frm the World Bank.. we take debt and keep falling into the trap over and over again due to our foolishness...

I love my country bt I hate what happens in here!

Satinder S. Panesar said...

@Shruti - Perhaps we shud raise our concerns so that whatever bad happening can be put to an end.