Monday, October 31, 2011

Is it an illusion or real world?

When i was a child, a read a story how 1 king had a dream where he was roughed up by the neighbor king and how it was getting difficult for him even to eat. King got so scared after the dream that he announce a big prize if someone solves this puzzle. The puzzle was

Is this real or that?

Many sages/ intelligent people went there to solve Kings puzzle but they failed, coz they can't understand what exactly the king is asking. After many many years, there came a sage who solved his puzzle. He said:

Like that even this is not real.

King asked how? He said - You are the one observer of all, and in reality always free. Your bondage is this: you see the other -- not yourself -- as the observer. King got satisfied, not only he gave him a big reward but also he became his disciple.
Ordinarily we perceive our lives through the eyes of others. We use the eyes of others like a mirror. We forget the observer and become the observed.

Lately, I realize that there is no such thing as existence or non existence, right or wrong, or moral or immoral. One's true identity can be found by simply recognizing oneself as Pure Existence.