Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dubai Trip

Dubai - a city for shoppers all over the world. Recently, when i get a chance to visit (which ofcourse was a business visit), i couldn't stop myself to click some of the amazing things. Here are they, but first the only "official" Gurdwara and also the only place of worship for other religions:


Door Sign at the Metro

Dubai Museum

Burj Khalifa (During day time)

Burj Khalifa (During night time)

Fountain show from Burj Khalifa

Banana Republic

Fountain inside the mall

Dinosaur skeleton

Aquarium at the Atlantis

Lego Girl

Lego (Boy and crocodile)

Finally! some beers

Thursday, September 17, 2015


You need to pray before boarding the flight

Two layers of clouds

Nirvana - Light, Clouds and Me. .... Yes, Plane was obstruction

Only in Punjab, you will see fields outside a factory

Jalebis - coz in Maharashtra, you dont get "Sweet" jalebis 

Live band playing at the Airport 

Chhole bhature - only coz of Gajar ka aachar

Yoga - at the Airport 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How ancient timekeeping mechanism looks in modern times

I have always been fascinated with ancient timekeeping mechanism and how it looks in current times e.g. in Hours, minutes and seconds.

We calculate 1 day = 24 hours. Here's how ancient people break 24 hours into sub units:

1 Day = 8 Pehars. 1 Pehar = 3 hours.
1 Pehar = 64 (some says 60) gharis. 1 Ghari = 22.5 mins or 24 mins
1 Ghari = 60 Pal. 1 Pal = 22.5 seconds
1 Pal = 3 chasaas. 1 Chasaa = 7.5 seconds
1 Chasaa = 15 visaas. 1 Visaa = 0.5 seconds
1 Visaa = 15 Nimakh.
1 Nimakh = 0.033 seconds

Hindus and Sikhs by convention take a day to begin at sunrise to sunrise. Muslims on the other hand consider period on a day to begin at sunset (after the magrib prayer) and end at next sunset. Christian day begins at midnight and end at the following midnight.

Let me know your thoughts.