Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time flies fast

Am sure like me, if you have come to other city to live, you must have come across this situation. Someone from your native land will call you up randomly and will ask - Do you know this person? S/he (they) are very famous (ah, yes popular is the word) .. you must be knowing him/her (them).

It's soo strange that people dont realize that any city's population is 35-40 lacs & to know 1 person & particularly that person is highly impossible.

Me: No, i dont know this person and somehow this relative felt offended as if i had done some crime in NOT knowing that person, which according to him is very "popular".

I realized that this behavior is very common among the older generations. I think the reason for this behavior is coz earlier most of the people use to live in the villages or even the cities were not very crowded & everybody knows everybody. I can say this coz when i was growing up, everyone from my city use to know us. Oh yes, our complaints use to reach much before we reach home. :(

At present times things have changed, today not everyone knows us, only the previous generation. But this attitude of knowing all still remains/prevails.

I think people don't realize that time flies very fast.