Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blinking of the Eyes

It is lovely weather out here, so thought of eating out. Went to a south Indian rest. named "Kalyani Veg" and ordered "Masala Dosa".

While the preparation of "Masala Dosa" was going on in the kitchen, saw a flash light in front of my eyes and what i see is - "Blinking of the Eyes" very slowly. YES!, blinking of 2 eyes, so slowly as if they want to tell me something, want me to realize, to see this world in a new way, praise God/Existence (or whatever name you want to call) for creating such a Marvelous place with beautiful and unique people/creatures/things all around.

Most of the time our thoughts subjugates us and we are like "wandering" here and there, so restless. We never realized how many times we blink our eyes in a day. Never thought that it can bring such peace and calmness in our life and can open a new door which can change our perspective, our way of looking at the things.

In the end, i would like to know from you,
  • Did you ever notice blinking of your eyes?
  • If yes, when you blink your eyes, what/whom did you see?