Friday, September 23, 2011

Encounter with a Gay

Everyday we come across many people with different facets of life. But just by the thought of meeting a Gay / lesbian sends shivers. It was same for me till I had an encounter with a Gay person but believe me your perception will change once you meet any person with the same sex orientation.

It so happen that i was going home on my bike (pic below) that 1 person start talking to me.

Initially, he start talking like my bike is nice & am looking very good on that, on that i said - Thank you. After this, he said can we talk for a while, i said - sure & i parked my bike.

He initiated by saying that he is married, runs a dance school and often visit other places to teach classical dance. During one of his visits he came across 1 gay person and they hit it off instantly. Though he was married still his relationship with this person goes on for 2 years till that person move to another city. After that he had many flings but no relationship.

I asked him, if his wife knows about this?? To my amusement, he said - yes, she knows. Then he said - he likes me and want to be with me ..etc...etc.

I listened to him patiently and told him that i respect his feelings but i am not the right person for him and we had 30 mins long chat. Once all his questions were answered we hugged each other and move on to our separate ways.