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Life is too short

We often hear that life is very short, so live your life to the fullest but have you ever thought how short is your life?

Lately i have been contemplating this thought and came to know:

1) At the time of shock your whole life revolves in front of your eyes, which generally is not more than few seconds.
2) Try to sit alone at any place which does not have TV, Computer, Mobile or any other activity going on, every single second will make you look like a year. You will be amazed to see that when you think many hours has passed but in actual only few mins.

Somehow the very thought of being alone, scare us. We tend to make ourselves occupy with various things. At times there are 2-3 things being continuously played e.g. at 1 end - TV is on, 2) Computer is on 3) constantly on mobile. At the end of the day, what did i do - nothing.

All i did was poking into other's life without thinking/caring about my own. I also realize Life in itself is complete and does not require anybody else apart…