Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is it an illusion or real world - II

If you live in India, you often have heard from your spiritual leaders / Gurus that this world is "Maya". But if you ask them what exactly is the Maya, they will just recite some versus from some religious book and leave you no where.

I have been contemplating this for a while and came to the answer that Maya is nothing but what other people make you feel / believe.

For example if you watch all the Harry Potter movies many times over a period of time, you tend to believe that Harry Potter is real. You might even search for "Hogwarts" school on google. But this isn't real, it's just a fiction created by 1 person which makes you believe it's real. I will call it as it's her Maya that makes you believe that Harry Potter is Real.

So, if one person imagination can make you believe of something which is NOT real as Real than imagine the power of existence, who created us. It's that power which make us believe that we are living in a real world and are doing various things which actually is nothing more than an illusion, that people want us to believe.

Over the period of time, we have been programmed to believe that we are living in a real world. We have repeated this "I am the body, I am the doer, I am the body!" life after life. From this repetition we have become the body but we are NOT the body. This is our misperception, this is our self-hypnosis and we have believed it so deeply that we have become it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Is it an illusion or real world?

When i was a child, a read a story how 1 king had a dream where he was roughed up by the neighbor king and how it was getting difficult for him even to eat. King got so scared after the dream that he announce a big prize if someone solves this puzzle. The puzzle was

Is this real or that?

Many sages/ intelligent people went there to solve Kings puzzle but they failed, coz they can't understand what exactly the king is asking. After many many years, there came a sage who solved his puzzle. He said:

Like that even this is not real.

King asked how? He said - You are the one observer of all, and in reality always free. Your bondage is this: you see the other -- not yourself -- as the observer. King got satisfied, not only he gave him a big reward but also he became his disciple.
Ordinarily we perceive our lives through the eyes of others. We use the eyes of others like a mirror. We forget the observer and become the observed.

Lately, I realize that there is no such thing as existence or non existence, right or wrong, or moral or immoral. One's true identity can be found by simply recognizing oneself as Pure Existence.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Encounter with a Gay

Everyday we come across many people with different facets of life. But just by the thought of meeting a Gay / lesbian sends shivers. It was same for me till I had an encounter with a Gay person but believe me your perception will change once you meet any person with the same sex orientation.

It so happen that i was going home on my bike (pic below) that 1 person start talking to me.

Initially, he start talking like my bike is nice & am looking very good on that, on that i said - Thank you. After this, he said can we talk for a while, i said - sure & i parked my bike.

He initiated by saying that he is married, runs a dance school and often visit other places to teach classical dance. During one of his visits he came across 1 gay person and they hit it off instantly. Though he was married still his relationship with this person goes on for 2 years till that person move to another city. After that he had many flings but no relationship.

I asked him, if his wife knows about this?? To my amusement, he said - yes, she knows. Then he said - he likes me and want to be with me ..etc...etc.

I listened to him patiently and told him that i respect his feelings but i am not the right person for him and we had 30 mins long chat. Once all his questions were answered we hugged each other and move on to our separate ways.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life is beautiful

Too many things happening around, too many disappointments, so much of frustration often lead us to wish that 2012 will come soon or this world should end soon. Was exactly my thoughts when i came to the office today but as i was walking in our office garden, i saw a flower (pic below)... it was sooo beautiful that my inner being felt so happy and all the frustrations are poof .. gone.

One of the reason why we often feel disappointed is because either others say so or others are but should we have to be concerned about what "others" say? I mean people will always say things ir-respective whether you do something or not. So why should we bother about what others say?

Second, Frustrations are mainly due to coz we can't do anything or we feel we can't do anything. But do we need to "blame" ourselves for that? Ofcourse, we need to take the "responsibility" for not doing anything but blame ourselves?? No way.

I just want to say one thing, whenever you feel frustrated / disappointed just look/walk around and you will see how beautiful Life is.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We all are prostitutes

According to Wikipedia - Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. People who execute such activities are called prostitutes.

Actually this is what we do in the real life, we pay for the sexual services. Be it your gf or wife or muse, you pay for these services. Though the forms might be different e.g. if it's your gf, you pay with Gifts ..etc and if it's wife or muse, you pay with Household & shopping expenses. But the nature is the same.

I know many people will say that with wife/muse you get your offspring, but that's all together different aspect ... different dependency.

Yest. i was reading an article in the newspaper about what is Sex addiction? It says - Sex and the thought of sex is pre-dominant in their mind

It's well known fact that guys all over think only about Sex or sex is pre-dominant in their minds. Though now a days there are quite a females who openly voice for their sexual needs but still number is very less as compared to males.

If that's the case then everybody is a sex addict and when you are an addict then you pay, right?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Open Marriage

I like this post only due to the reason that both are honest with each other. In this world where everythinig has been made to feel you guilty. This one is where both share a deep and honest relationship.

SCHOOLTEACHER Anisha Mathur (32) and scribe Kapil Kumar (34) have been married for nine years and have a six-year-old son.
They speak to MAIL TODAY about their open marriage, their other extramarital relationships, how they took the first step and coped with the challenges that followed. Their identities have been changed.

IT ALL started with a trip to Bhutan to meet our friends in 2007. It was a visit that we had been planning ever since we got married. Our hosts were Kapil's friends from his college days — they had even attended our wedding. Thimphu was a feast for the eyes, and the sight of the Himalayas overwhelmed us. Our hosts treated us so warmly that it didn't take much time for us to feel completely at home with them. The itinerary of our three-day trip was planned with much care by them.

On the first day, after soaking up the sights, we huddled together in front of a camp fire. After a few drinks, we began talking about sex, starting off with a few jokes of course, till the discussion got a little more serious. What followed was a life-changing discussion — yes, it completely altered my perception about love and sex. After our hosts' account of their lovelife, my idea of marriage turned head. Our hosts revealed they had an open marriage and both looked for sex outside marriage. The discussion, admittedly, got steamier when they offered us an invitation to swap partners. Kapil and I had a long chat about it that night. There was no doubt that I loved my husband, but we agreed it was getting monotonous and that was taking the zing out of our relationship. KAPIL'S argument in favour of the swap was that we were in a foreign land with no relatives or colleagues who would find out — it seemed safe to experiment since there were only these friends around. I was uncomfortable with the suggestion at first, but he never forced me.

Kapil is one of those rare nonintrusive men, so unlike the husbands of my friends. He has never probed too much about my friends or insisted that I do things the way he wants me to. He also knows about my relationships before marriage. After a sleepless night with a million thoughts running through my head, I told Kapil I was game. Rather than being gung ho, he said there was no hurry and advised me to give it a rethink. On the second day there, I was sure and that night I slept with my husband's best friend and his wife with my husband. My conscience was clear and I was fully aware of my actions — and with Kapil's backing there was no sense of guilt. Next morning, we greeted each other the same way we had for the past nine years. Over our cuppa, we even told each other how we loved the experience. No, that didn't leave either of us with a bruised ego — we had more respect and love for each other because we had acted like mature individuals. The next night too we swapped.

ANISHA and I are just like any average couple coping with life and still very much in love with each other. We have always been true to each other and share immense trust.
After our first extra-marital experience in Bhutan, my next fling was with an online friend from Oman. We had always been good friends and so we decided to take it to the next level. My friend is married and has a 16-year-old daughter. She flew down to India last month to meet me and we spent two days in a holiday resort in Jaipur. Yes, of course, Anisha knew about it. But then, she also knows that this lady from Oman isn't the only one, even if it's the steadiest extra-marital relationship that I've had.

In all I have had eight relationships outside marriage — yes, that's many more than what Anisha has had — but she has never objected to any of them. We don't discuss details about our relationships and prefer not to intrude into each other's lives.

The women I've hooked up with are all married and they too say there's no sense of guilt about what they are doing. It seems quite normal now — that is, after having so many of them. In fact, a couple of my friends too have open marriages to spice up their sex lives. I don't believe in constricting the marriage to a point that it gets difficult to breath in it. At the same time, I am fully aware I am not powerful enough to change the institution of marriage.

BUT for me, the sanctity of a marriage is in being open to each other's viewpoints and being honest. I know Anisha has affairs and I have no problems with it. She too knows I am seeing someone — we believe that if we are frank with each other and communicate, there will be no misunderstanding.

Anisha and I aren't forcing each other to look for extramarital affairs — it's consensual and we have no qualms about it. Our relationship still has the same warmth it did in the beginning and I am emotionally dependent on Anisha like in our early days. But the Bhutan trip was a turning point for me too.

Guilty feelings creep in when couples hide things from each other. I guess honesty is what keeps us together.

Source: Doubles Mixed

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is too short

We often hear that life is very short, so live your life to the fullest but have you ever thought how short is your life?

Lately i have been contemplating this thought and came to know:

1) At the time of shock your whole life revolves in front of your eyes, which generally is not more than few seconds.
2) Try to sit alone at any place which does not have TV, Computer, Mobile or any other activity going on, every single second will make you look like a year. You will be amazed to see that when you think many hours has passed but in actual only few mins.

Somehow the very thought of being alone, scare us. We tend to make ourselves occupy with various things. At times there are 2-3 things being continuously played e.g. at 1 end - TV is on, 2) Computer is on 3) constantly on mobile. At the end of the day, what did i do - nothing.

All i did was poking into other's life without thinking/caring about my own. I also realize Life in itself is complete and does not require anybody else apart from your own. I think that's the only fact which we all fail to recognize and are constantly searching for someone/something else to make us complete.

In the end, all i want to say is - just spend some moments with yourself everyday and you will be amazed to see how happy your life has become.

Core of happiness lie inside you and you don't need anybody/anything else but only YOU.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time flies fast

Am sure like me, if you have come to other city to live, you must have come across this situation. Someone from your native land will call you up randomly and will ask - Do you know this person? S/he (they) are very famous (ah, yes popular is the word) .. you must be knowing him/her (them).

It's soo strange that people dont realize that any city's population is 35-40 lacs & to know 1 person & particularly that person is highly impossible.

Me: No, i dont know this person and somehow this relative felt offended as if i had done some crime in NOT knowing that person, which according to him is very "popular".

I realized that this behavior is very common among the older generations. I think the reason for this behavior is coz earlier most of the people use to live in the villages or even the cities were not very crowded & everybody knows everybody. I can say this coz when i was growing up, everyone from my city use to know us. Oh yes, our complaints use to reach much before we reach home. :(

At present times things have changed, today not everyone knows us, only the previous generation. But this attitude of knowing all still remains/prevails.

I think people don't realize that time flies very fast.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Every Single act

Let me tell you what happened today, my client sends me an email on Saturday that he is coming over to my office on Monday to discuss few things. I told all my employees about his visit and that they should be present in the office on Monday. Few people who had planned things or had to visit their families, cancelled their plans.

There comes Monday morning, I got another email from the client that his Investor is coming to Bangalore for a short trip so instead of coming over to me, he is going there. In his email he wrote that even he was not aware of his investor coming to Bangalore, and he can come to my office only on Wednesday.

So you can see, how investor's decision of going to Bangalore had effected so many people i.e. My Client, Me, Employees, Their families, People who are related to them. People who had planned things with them have to cancel their plans and since, they have to cancel their plans people who are attached with them will also get effected.

I strongly believe that every single act of your's can effect so many people that you yourself are not aware of that and coz of this ignorance we do things that effect other people's life so much so that at times it changes their course of living. At times, by the time we realizes that impact, it's already late.

Let me know your thoughts on this or perhaps, the Best is - Share your exp.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blame and Responsibility

Like a new kid on the block, I'm excited to write First post of this new Decade and ofcourse this New Year. We all celebrate New Year parties, we all make New Year resolutions but that's different thing we dont "Keep" them apart from few exceptions. Yest. i was sitting with my brother and my cousin and we were discussing how are things at home ..etc. And there came a surprising and shocking news when my brother said - he is responsible for everything that happened in his life, be it good or bad.

For me, this was like Wow! and shocking as well coz earlier he always blame "Others" for the things that happened in his life. For the first time, he said this - he is responsible for whatever had happened in his life.

Today morning when i was contemplating that, came across that in every person's life there are 3 stages.

1) When you blame others: This is when you are young and whenever things don't go your way, instead of taking the responsibility of your acts, you start blaming others.
2) When you start taking responsibility: This is when you have become little mature and start realizing the fact that even if things don't go your way, it's your responsibility and no one else has to blame for that.
3) When you realize that things are not in your hand and you neither can blame others nor yourself. Normally by the time people realize this they have become old. They realize this when young people blame them for their sufferings or disappointments and they try to make young people understand but like they say - life goes in full circle.