Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blame and Responsibility

Like a new kid on the block, I'm excited to write First post of this new Decade and ofcourse this New Year. We all celebrate New Year parties, we all make New Year resolutions but that's different thing we dont "Keep" them apart from few exceptions. Yest. i was sitting with my brother and my cousin and we were discussing how are things at home ..etc. And there came a surprising and shocking news when my brother said - he is responsible for everything that happened in his life, be it good or bad.

For me, this was like Wow! and shocking as well coz earlier he always blame "Others" for the things that happened in his life. For the first time, he said this - he is responsible for whatever had happened in his life.

Today morning when i was contemplating that, came across that in every person's life there are 3 stages.

1) When you blame others: This is when you are young and whenever things don't go your way, instead of taking the responsibility of your acts, you start blaming others.
2) When you start taking responsibility: This is when you have become little mature and start realizing the fact that even if things don't go your way, it's your responsibility and no one else has to blame for that.
3) When you realize that things are not in your hand and you neither can blame others nor yourself. Normally by the time people realize this they have become old. They realize this when young people blame them for their sufferings or disappointments and they try to make young people understand but like they say - life goes in full circle.

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