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Last evening, me and my friend went out for dinner. After having the dinner, we went for a drive and was chatting. She was telling me her exp. in Goa and that she saw many falling stars and what all she had wished.

She said, all she could say while seeing the falling star was - "LOVE". Then she realized its not what she wanna say and wished to see another falling star, so that she can ask for what she want.

Bingo! and there was it, another falling star.

But the same thing happen, all she could say was "LOVE". She wanted to say she want "Soul-mate" or "Love of her Life" or "Prince Charming" but all she could say was "LOVE".

I felt so nice and touched that she is the blessed one, the chosen one, the one with pure heart. Existence want to give her lots of Love and doesnt want her to be confined by any single person. So every time she see a falling star, she end up just saying "LOVE" without adding anything.

I feel its…