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How to Promote a Facebook Group?

I think success of any group is based on what kind of posts (NOT people) are there on that group. I have seen groups where there are more than 500 people on that group but there is hardly any post / topic e.g. search for Pune group and you will see what i mean. If you look at those people's profile who have joined that group, they have mentioned that they love that city ...etc. but they hardly participate in any topic or discussion and moreover there is hardly any new activity since months.

1. So whenever you create any group try to encourage people to talk by either starting some topic/discussion or let other to start.

2. Make sure all the group sections are used to their fullest potential. When you first start the group, you'll see sections for Recent News, Discussion Board, The Wall, Photos, Links and Video. Put something new and relevant in all these sections.

3. Put the link for the group in most if not all your other communications.

4. Make it very easy for group members …
If someone wants to distinguish between, mind and body, the best way is to fall sick. Your mind stop working but still your body manages to get all the required things.

Last week i was sick, still went to the party on friday night. Was drinking and dancing which makes the situation worse during the weekend. So on sat morning after having breakfast took the medicine, put some warm clothes so to get well as early as possible. Watched this movie called uptown girls, nice movie which shows that everybody is good at something. You may dislike some person coz of his/her messing up with the things but still that person has some qualities which distinguishes him/her from the rest.

Anyway, after watching the movie, we have ordered chicken biryani for the lunch. By this time, my mind was not working at all but all i know was it's lunch time and i have to eat. Strange or amazing thing was though initially i dont feel like eating but when i have started eating, i just finish the whole biryani i…