If someone wants to distinguish between, mind and body, the best way is to fall sick. Your mind stop working but still your body manages to get all the required things.

Last week i was sick, still went to the party on friday night. Was drinking and dancing which makes the situation worse during the weekend. So on sat morning after having breakfast took the medicine, put some warm clothes so to get well as early as possible. Watched this movie called uptown girls, nice movie which shows that everybody is good at something. You may dislike some person coz of his/her messing up with the things but still that person has some qualities which distinguishes him/her from the rest.

Anyway, after watching the movie, we have ordered chicken biryani for the lunch. By this time, my mind was not working at all but all i know was it's lunch time and i have to eat. Strange or amazing thing was though initially i dont feel like eating but when i have started eating, i just finish the whole biryani in 5-10 mins without realizing what i'm eating and how much i'm eating.

Most of the time we try to differentiate between, mind, body and soul but are not able to do so coz our mind is occupied with soo many thoughts and our body keep on working on those thoughts.

So, the best way to differentiate between these 3 and to keep the mind shut - is to fall sick and WATCH.


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