Sunday, January 23, 2011

Every Single act

Let me tell you what happened today, my client sends me an email on Saturday that he is coming over to my office on Monday to discuss few things. I told all my employees about his visit and that they should be present in the office on Monday. Few people who had planned things or had to visit their families, cancelled their plans.

There comes Monday morning, I got another email from the client that his Investor is coming to Bangalore for a short trip so instead of coming over to me, he is going there. In his email he wrote that even he was not aware of his investor coming to Bangalore, and he can come to my office only on Wednesday.

So you can see, how investor's decision of going to Bangalore had effected so many people i.e. My Client, Me, Employees, Their families, People who are related to them. People who had planned things with them have to cancel their plans and since, they have to cancel their plans people who are attached with them will also get effected.

I strongly believe that every single act of your's can effect so many people that you yourself are not aware of that and coz of this ignorance we do things that effect other people's life so much so that at times it changes their course of living. At times, by the time we realizes that impact, it's already late.

Let me know your thoughts on this or perhaps, the Best is - Share your exp.


Bud said...

Yeah, I hate that kind of "Butterfly Effect" too.

Anonymous said...

A nice note to sleep with. But the problem is that we don't stay on with these most of the times and the period isn't long enough to sustain these thoughts to our souls.