Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Decade

First decade of 21st century is about to get over. This decade will be the Most memorable decade for me. I have seen alot in this decade mainly due to the reason that i had left my parents home i.e. exactly 10 years back.

I came to Pune to make my own living, started with a bang then got busted like a Bubble. This decade has been a roller coaster ride with many Ups and Downs. Many Realizations, Many learnings, Many achievements, many disappointments, happiness, sadness...etc.

Though this decade was full of things but to me, the MOST valuable things are:

1) Moments of Happiness that i gave to few persons (though i feel now that i could have given to more, perhaps i was not wise enough at that point of time) esp. to those whom I don't know or will never see/ meet. Reason why i consider this as Most valuable coz i didnt expect anything in return or was not hoping anything at all.

2) Realization that am part of Existence and am NO different from him. Though am still struggling with my Inner, which at times do not remember this. Hopefully i will be able to practice by making my inner "Believe" in this.

In the end, wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that you start this new decade with Happiness and will spread Love and Joy.

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