Monday, April 19, 2010


Admission season is round the corner and again there will be Reservation issues. Deserving people dont get admission whereas other people will get the admission.. why? Coz they belong to a particular caste/religion where Govt has reserved a quota for them.

I hate the Caste system and more than that I Hate Reservation being given to them. It's not that I'm against those people or something but coz this reservation will deprive the capable people to utilize their abilities/skills. Let me give you 1 example - One student who studied hard whole year and get 90% marks and another student who didnt study much and just get the passing marks i.e. 35-40%. When it comes to Admission, this person who studied SOO hard didnt get admission .. why? Coz of the reservation system and this person who didnt study at all, got the admission.

People give the argument that these people does not have necessary facilities, so my question is - why doesnt Govt provide these facilities and make them able to COMPETE with other people rather than giving them quota/reservations?

Another thing I see is - It's kind of disgrace even to those people who belong to these castes/religion as it tells them directly - look you are not capable enough to COMPETE with other people so we are giving you the reservation.

Many political parties make BIG hue and cry saying that other political parties categorizes people based on Caste. But at the same time, they want the reservation based on caste and Religion. Perhaps they themselves are in a dilemma what exactly they want i.e. On one side, they want Reservation based on Caste/Religion and on the other hand they want to abolish/remove this caste system.

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