Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ever wondered what you are doing or where you are at present, why only you are there? And not anybody else? Isnt it a Miracle?

Some might say it's coz of their dedication or Luck. I will say Neither, coz:
  • There are Hundred and Thousands of people doing the same thing and are more dedicated or focused than you, but they are not there where you are, right?
  • Luck - again 2 types of luck
    • Good Luck - Anything that goes in our favour, we call it as Good Luck.
    • Bad Luck - Anything that goes against our favour, we call it as Bad Luck
What is Favour?
Anything that boost our EGO is a favour. Sometime its your's and sometime its someone else's. So that means your Bad luck is a Good Luck for someone else.

I dont believe there is anything called as "Luck" for a simple reason that nothing in this world is Bad. Just coz you dont like some person or thing doesn't make that person/thing Bad.

I believe it's Miracle that is happening all around us and we dont have any control on anything. We dont even have control on the things that we have CREATED. Ever noticed how, many a times you try fixing/doing a thing but all in vein and as soon as someone touches it, it start happening/working. And you wonder what was wrong with that?

Some of you have met me, some of you dont but still reading this. Well, Thank You but isnt it a Miracle?

Those who have met me are still finding it difficult that this is not the person they had met. Isnt it a Miracle that you know a person for Years and 1 day you see that person has completely changed or Transformed?

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