Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Peaceful, Happy and Harmonious life

If you were told that you could shape the experiences that you had in your life, to attract more positive, loving and fulfilling experiences wouldn’t you want to do whatever you could to draw more positive experiences into your life so that you could be free to live a more peaceful, happy and harmonious life.

It is a simple spiritual truth that you can easily try out today. All you need is yourself and your intent…you don’t need anything else and it won’t cost you a penny.

Today set your intent to give love to everyone you meet. That may be with a smile, kind words, a helping hand, giving a compliment, a hug or just being there to listen … but giving unconditionally with no expectation of anything in return.

The main barrier or block that we have in giving is the fearful voice inside that says things like “ if I give to others, there won’t be enough for me” or “ If I give to others I will be taken advantage of and hurt again.” Or “ I am not going to give to them because they never do anything nice for me.” And it is because of limiting fears, beliefs and perceptions like these that we carry and hold on to, that we are restricted not only in our ability to give but also to receive love.

Giving and receiving are the sides of same coin. And all the limiting fears and beliefs that hold us back are just defence mechanisms that we have learnt from early age to protect ourselves from being hurt. Every time you got hurt, you put up another barrier to stop the same thing from happening again and you may have even vowed not to love again to save yourself from being hurt but whilst those barriers may have protected you from being hurt, but at the same time they also closed your heart and blocked your ability, then and now, to give and receive love.

What’s ironic is that the defence mechanism that you put up to protect yourself from getting hurt are actually the ones that stop you from giving. You wanted to be loved but didn’t want to get hurt so you put up blocks and barriers from getting hurt but at the same time it also stopped you from receiving what you were wanting in the first place, i.e. Love. As you learn to put down your defences, you can open your heart for giving and receiving love from a place of love and not fear.

Today set your intent to give love to everyone you meet. And remember in giving try not to focus on the other’s person’s reactions or what’s in it for YOU instead give unconditionally.

And as you give love today, you will see how it returns back to you in the most amazing ways through the experiences that you draw back and attract into your life….but remember don’t give out just to get back, give out from your heart unconditionally.

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