Monday, June 21, 2010

Lonely Hands

Memories play very important role in our life. They can make you feel happy, sad, can bring smile on your face and can also bring tears in your eyes. On one side, You can wait entire life just to spend 1 moment with that someone special and on the other side, 1 moment spend with some person and you dont want to see that person again in your entire life.

Today, am narrating how i feel when some memories spend with that special person, came back to me.

There was a time when we both use to go there. Then comes a time, when you had started going alone, without knowing the reason why i had stopped going there. Reason was, I soo much want you and wanted you to be with me.

This time when i was crossing that place my heart start pounding, something inside start saying - Maybe you are there. Though that place was overcrowded, my eyes start searching, searching the glimpse of you. Your Smile!

All those memories came to me, how i use to protect you from the crowd, how i use to hold your hand. But this time, it was all different. There was No one to protect, No one to Hold and my Lonely hands were Missing the touch of your's.

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Luna Lovegood said...

you know happens with me too! Indeed happens with all of us..
certain particular time, places, instances, activities.. are all associated to special people and no matter who u are with.. those things will always take u to ur special ones!