Good Networker or bad networker

Today's age is the age of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Everyday we get one or other follow / friend requests on these sites, but am wondering are we able to cope up with everything? Or it's mere a showoff e.g. how many followers i have on Twitter or how many friends i have on Facebook?

Here is what one of the networker who has more than 1000 contacts writes after deleting 400 contacts/friends:
"well... everything is a good excuse to watch yourself I guess... I was almost reaching 1.000 and I was a bit "proud"... good networking... but then, really, who gives the s.... about networking? I realized that out of 1000 friends I am interested in few... I like when I see interesting post, video, some nice and honest sharing, I like art. It is also clear for me that I am not interested in games, roses, virtual gift or hugs... than you make a choice..."

For a person like me, who does not want to Hurt anybody, visiting my parents last month had opened many doors. I was there for 1 weak, though I had Internet connection but my brother's laptop had gone for repairing, so it was as good as nothing. During that time, I realized that what are my priorities? What I want to do in my life?

In the last few months i was online for almost 15 hours a day on Twitter but now a days though I still stay online on Twitter but my activities have been reduced. I only tweet when I feel that people can gain something out of that, or I reply to those tweets wherein I feel my ans might help the other person. So what does this show? Am a good networker or bad?

Do let me know what you think about.


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