Friday, May 7, 2010

Backward or Forward?

We all condemn the Britishers for ruling our country for more than 2 centuries. Today I like to Thank them for giving us what we call India. Before Britishers took over, India was divided into small kingdoms and in severals castes. They united all these kingdoms and abolish various in-human practices like Sati pratha ..etc..etc.

And here we are after 63 years of Independence, indulging in creating smaller and smaller states and dividing people according to caste/creed/region and religion.

When our constitution was written by B. R. Ambedkar, a lower caste person, the motive behind this move would have been to treat everybody equally.Our constitution says that everybody's equal and holds equal rights, no matter to which caste they belong to.

Its Ironic that today we dont want to follow the principal of equality, basic of our Constitution. We want to divide the society on the basis of castes/regions and Religions. Everybody says that Britishers had adopted the policy of Divide and Rule but isnt the same that we Indians are doing now?

Earlier we only have quota system but now a separate census for the people belonging to lower castes. Isnt this dividing the society? Amazine how a person would feel when you tell him/her that they cant stand and vote with you coz their census is different as they belong to lower caste. Isnt this a Shame to what we call it as a Modern India? Are we going Forward or moving Backward?


Indyeah said...

We are moving backward.

It is a question that begs an answer as to why even after 60 + years of independence we still feel the need for reservations one the basis of caste and religion.

And now the census drama .
Makes one wonder about where we are headed as a nation.

Satinder S. Panesar said...

Perhaps reviving Sati Pratha be the Next