Monday, June 14, 2010

Is there a true love?

Last night a friend called up saying she want to discuss something. I went to her place and she was crying. After sometime, i asked her what happened?

She said - her love story is now ended completely. I asked her, to tell me the complete thing to which she said, they had a bad fight and now its all over. I feel very happy that finally its over but still to make sure, i asked her - Is this story finally over or is it that after some days you will start cribbing again about this guy? To this she said, No No, this time it's completely over.

Somehow i still dont believe her, as this is almost 100 time in the last few months that she said that her love story is over. This guy treats her very bad, even say bad words which otherwise you dont say it. Still this girl does not listen or want to move on but want to stick with the same guy.

Strange thing is - many girls fall in love with those people who are either already engaged/married or who dont treat them nicely. I happen to ask this to a female and she said -
"Its fun and challenging when you fall in for these guys. Fun is coz they are very un-expected/surprising & challenging is since these guys have tendency to shift from one female to another and they want to prove it wrong by showing that these guys can stick to them"

Post your comments and let me know your thoughts.


SKy said...

Nice.. I like it. Very true! You wrote it - meaning, you saved me from writing the same!

Luna Lovegood said...

Well u know what?? I may talk like a saint bt I really find my words very true and peace - giving..
we never find the true love for we are actually looking for the wrong this! The day we know what to look for.. we will know where to look also!!

Luna Lovegood said...

and also I hope you have heard - the more it is difficult to reach.. the more you want to...

Satinder S. Panesar said...

Exactly you said it - More it is difficult to reach, the more you want it.

Perhaps we like to accept the challenges & prove people how powerful are we.