Monday, January 4, 2010


This is my first post after New Year, so i was thinking what should be my first post. After wishing everyone, i realized what else could be more appropriate than talking about Dreams.

I have always wondered about how these dreams come and how these changes our life. So, I decided to put them into 3 categories which are as follows:

1) Which comes automatic i.e. which God/Existence want to show/give us
2) Things which are in our Sub-conscious mind
3) Things that we see while we try to sleep during the night.

1) Dreams that comes automatic and can change your life: Am sure, everyone has seen this movie "Avatar", even in that movie they have shown that every person is connected to God/Existence. It is just that during our day-to-day life somehow we stop listening to God/Existence. Then these things come as Dreams to show whats gonna happen in the future. Or if something has happened in the past and we are not able to understand then how and why it has happened.

2) Things which are in our sub-conscious mind: There are six functions of the subconscious. One, as a memory bank (like a computer), two, to regulate involuntary functions (heart, thinking, etc.), three, as the seat of emotions, four, as the seat of imagination, five, to control habit, and six, as a dynamo –directing energy that motivates us.

To understand how this works, first you must understand the four states of mind. We are in the beta state for most of our waking hours. Our brain radiates these waves (13 cycles per second, often greatly higher) when we are thinking, reasoning or engaging in problem solving. As our brain waves slow to between 8 and 13 cycles per second, we enter the alpha state of mind. The door between our conscious and subconscious mind is opened, and it becomes easier to access the memories and storage of new information. This is also often referred as the meditative state, in which the mind and body become so relaxed. We are also more suggestible in this state.

Below the two conscious states are theta (between 4 to 8 cycles per second), the dream state, and delta (below four cycles per second), which is deep sleep or total unconsciousness. We are actually familiar with these states since we must pass through theta on the way to and from delta. Likewise, we must pass through alpha on the way to and from sleep. When we are just going to sleep but not quite there yet, or just awakening but not yet awake, we are either in Alpha or theta.

3) Things that we see while we try to sleep during the night: These can also be called as our wishes. We try to imagine those things that we have wished to come true. We create our own imaginary world and do the things how we want to do. e.g. If i want to be with a person whom I love, first i will create the circumstances of how we will meet, after meeting what we will do, where we will go ..etc..etc. So everything is happening in the imaginary world.


sahibak23 said...

GR8 JOb done :) Keep up the good work

sahibak23 said...

wELL written

Pushpinder said...

wow...i never thot abt dreams dat wy...hw deeply n sensitively u think..i am amazed..wt to say...