Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changing Times

Those who still believe that it's the guys who makes the first move needs to think again. Now girls dont want to wait for Guys to make the first move, instead if they are interested in some guy they take the shot.

I'm narrating 2 Real life incidents which happen to me in the recent past.

1) Last week, I went to Doolally (Pune's first brewhouse) as friends had already gone there and were calling. Met friends and getting to know friends of the friends. There was this girl who was drooling over a foreigner. After sometime, she started saying that she wanna get laid by this foreigner. Everyone was shocked, but that didnt stop her from going ahead.

2) Yest. I went to Pyramids lawns (Riverview) for Live music concert. Music was nice and was enjoying. They stopped the concert for a refreshment break. I went to Food stall, put few items (am not gonna disclose, what & how much) on my plate. All of a sudden 1 girl came and start talking to me that she is single, & she likes me ...etc..etc. After a while, she said, she wanted to go with me.

Seems like existence is telling us to shed our inhibitions and adjust to the changing times.

What you people say/think, post your comments.


Vinay said...

your a lucky man, i must say !! i have never encountered these acts in my life so far ! but i would say just go with the flow bro :)

taran said... a days girls make d first move....but i still believe that d guy shud make d first move....