Friday, November 27, 2009

Am part of all that I have met

Last nite, went to a party organised by Destiny of Sound with DJ Pearl playing. A friend from Facebook invited me to the party, so call other friends to come. Party was nice, Music was good, danced and had fun.

After the party, drop the friends to their places, and thought of having Bun-Maska. To all those people who dont know what is "Bun-Maska", so let me explain you - It is Bun with Butter and Jam. It specially taste Excellent if you eat early in the morning lets say from 1AM to 6AM. So, this urge drives me to have Bun-Maska with Tea. As I was having it, reminds me of OLD memories and took me to the Flash Back to few years back.

I still remember, first time i had Bun-Maska, it was 8 years back, at 4:30 AM in the morning. It was heavenly feeling and after that, it was everyday for couple of years. That Bakery was our home for Dinner cum Breakfast.

Like they say Memories never die, today when I was having it, it reminds me ALL those old memories. I miss all my old friends who are not there with me now and had left Pune to pursue their career and Life. I just wanted to say - I LOVE & THANK ALL OF YOU for being part of me/my life at some point of time.

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