Sunday, November 1, 2009

Child at heart

Last night i was surfing the web and came across a blog wherein there was a pic of balloons and below that it was written "This is how i keep my inner child alive".

I was thinking if only by balloons we can keep our child alive, what else can be the best and easiest thing. Coz for me, i have to keep my inner child alive everyday whether or not there are balloons or candy's. I have to keep talking to myself just like a child, and make myself understand how the children make them understand. I have to cleanse my inner self everyday after going to home from work.

Though there are various methods to cleanse your inner self, it depends on you which one you wanna take. How i cleanse myself is either by doing catharsis or by gibberish. People who dont know Gibberish - "It is talking LOUD with anything that comes to your mind, anything that does not make any SENSE".

At times we dont realize that we are polluting our inner self so much that when we start cleansing, there is soo much burden of ALL our wrong doings (YES, wrong doings). Maybe we dont accept that we do anything wrong but deep down in our consciousness we know that we do wrong things.

I dont say we should stop doing, coz at times whether or not you like, you have to do. Sometimes things are inadvert, sometimes we have to be politically correct, things not in your hands and which you cant avoid, so the best thing to do is - cleanse yourselves everyday.

Best thing we can do is, keep our Inner Child Alive and see how beautiful the world is and Spread the Joy and Happiness just like a child.

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