Monday, September 7, 2009

Today when i logon to FB, one of my friend had asked this question on her blog - If heart's function is just to pump blood.. then how can it ache??

Here is my answer -
Actually, there are 2 things -
1) Physical
2) Abstract

Physical heart's function is just to pump the blood whereas Abstract heart has all these feelings i.e. Pain, happiness, Joy ..etc...etc which cant be seen but only can be felt.

It is as similar to like everyday we talk about "MIND" but is there any organ in the body which is called as "Mind"? The ans is NO. But still it plays very crucial role in your life.

It is also similar to the fact that Brain's function is to interpret the signals, then how can he(Brain) think?

Same as - Eye's function is to see, then where does the tears come from?
and so on. ..n..on

Sometimes we have to look beyond the anatomy of the body, not everything can be covered by science.

To all the readers of my blog, i would like to know your opinion on this.

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