Monday, September 7, 2009

Here goes again, i'm at fault. Yest. we (Me and 2 other friends) went out for buffet lunch and one friend was keen on paying the bill. I said its okay, i will pay but he consistently saying "no, this time he wants to pay" as last time i had paid. When he insisted so much, then i agreed, i said - fine, you pay. After we finished the lunch, when bill came i took the bill to pay but he said again, "No, this time he will pay and he took the bill and paid by his Credit card".

But today what am getting to know is - he complain. He was complaining that he has to pay the bill and i was SHOCKED! What??? I mean he was the only one who was so stubborn in paying the bill and now he is blaming me.

Am wondering why it always happen to me? am i a soft target?

Seems like these blamings (see last post) on me will never end, but that will not stop me from doing good things for my loved ones.

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