Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frustrations, Disappointments, Longing and Existence!

Since yest eve i'm angry and frustrated, coz i had helped a friend with a thing, which i dont want to do, but still went ahead and help him and he put me into a situation which i would have never wanted to be in. Later on, was thinking most of the time that i will never help that friend again coz of

1) He had put me into a situation which otherwise i wouldnt have been in.
2) He never helped me with anything, coz whenever i wanted him, he will make all kind of excuses.

So was thinking it is so good to be a SELFISH coz then you give a damn about everybody and can USE whomsoever and whenever you want them for your benefit.

Today when i was having my evening tea i realized that all my anger and frustration is not coz of helping the friend but coz he didn't do what i have told him to do. If he would have done things like the way i told him then he would have avoided the situation he had put me in.

As soon as i realize this, all the frustration disappeared in a fraction of a second, Strange! It is like you cant control people but you can control how you react to them.

Another disappointment that i was having since last week was, pune bakers does not know about "Swiss Roll". Here is one conversation that i had with a Bakery shop owner:

Me to baker - do you have "Swiss Roll"?
Baker (looking at me zapped) - Swiss Roll?
Me - Yes, Swiss Roll
Baker - do you mean bread roll?
Me - NO, Swiss Roll
Baker - Never heard of this, where did you hear? Are you a European?
Me - No, I'm very much Indian.

Seems like existence does not want that i should hold disappointments for too long, so today when i went for lunch at Royal Orchid, i saw they have Swiss Roll in Deserts. I was like - WOWW, that's amazing. They have 2 flavours i.e. 1) was Mango and 2) was Chocolate. Normally i dont like much of chocolate stuff but i could not resist myself, coz of my longing for Swiss Roll.

Existence will always give you what you want.

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