Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop! and smell the roses

There are 2 ways of doing the things

1) You start from scratch and keep on doing the things over n over again and you reach to a certain point after few years.

Youth exuberance - when you are young you want to do everything on your own and want to make your own experiences. But after reaching to a point you realize if you would have listened to other experienced people you would have reached there much earlier. There are many examples of this and i'm no exception.

2) You study and learn from other people experience and reach to the same point in much shorter time.

They say it "Stop! and smell the roses", I realize this when i was having my lunch at Royal Orchid, i saw 2 young people, 1 was waiter and 1 was manager, although they are of the same age but still one was on higher post and other was not. This difference is coz this manager had learned from other people experiences and had moved up unlike the waiter.

I remember when i was teenager my parents / elders use to tell me to study and all the time i keep running away. But today i thank them from the bottom of my heart that it is their efforts that made me study and i have reached here where i can see and understand the things.

Now i understood the value of time, so have decided that i will learn from the experiences of other people. Coz where i'm standing rite now, i'm still FAR FAR away from my goal and i'm not gonna live till eternity.

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