Reality is nothing but a state of mind

What is REAL? What is Reality?
The biggest question man kind ever faces since its inception. Every person has its own definition of Reality, his/her own way of seeing the things, his/her own way of describing the things which according to him/her are real. One thing can be unreal for you but can be "Real" for me.

I will differentiate Real / Reality into 2 i.e. Scientific and Spiritual

1) Scientific - Modern science has done many many experiments and have come to the conclusion that Reality is nothing but electronic signals interpreted by the Brain. They are now implementing the same thing i.e. Interpreting the signals, in creating and functioning of Robots. Recent development is, Robot can sense your behavior and can respond to that. If you are angry then they will respond differently whereas if you are Happy then they will respond differently. Same like how Humans respond.

2) Spiritual - India is the land of Spirituality, in other words, Mother of all spiritual concepts. According to spirituality whatever had happened, or is happening, or will happen, is not in your hands and this world you are living in, is also not REAL. This world is a dream, an illusion. We are all puppets/ characters in this dream and whenever God/Existence/Ring master wants can do whatever he feels like. Everything is already written, decided and will happen accordingly and we are mere characters.

Today, is the age of Computers and Internet. People say Internet is virtual as everything is in the air, you cant see or touch anything. Agreed, you cant see or touch anything but you can do ALL the things that you do in your so called "REAL WORLD". e.g. you wants to socialize, wants to be with someone, wants to talk/video conference, wants to listen to the music, wants to watch the movies ... you name it and you can do it on Internet. In other words, you can do EVERYTHING on Internet that you do in so called "REAL WORLD".

If you can do all the things in Virtual world i.e. Internet as you do in so called "REAL WORLD", then whats the difference between Virtual and Reality?

Answer - Reality is nothing but a state of Mind.


Luna Lovegood said…
OMG... dude luks like u are thinking alot these days... didnt u take the advice I gave u?? Live it slow.. take it slow.. take it cool...

Try one thing - listen to this song - Yeh Lamha from Filhaal...

you might wanna follow what it says though its a lil girly :P :P

by the way.. I do agree with quite a few things!

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