Sunday, October 4, 2009

What you give is what you get.

Life's not about the people who act true to your face. It's about the people who remain true behind your back.

I hate saying Goodbyes coz i believe that by saying that you are ending a relationship. I often tell people to say "We will meet again" rather than saying "Good Bye". To me, good bye means that person/relation is dead and over which actually is not. People are there in your memories, always present.

I know its difficult to carry only good memories coz life is all ups and downs. If there is something good in 1 person there has to be something bad in the same person. It is like for every Neo there is Agent Smith. At times, it seems like Agent Smith will win but it's always Neo who wins, though longer it might take.

By carrying bad memories you are carrying the burden of something which you want to get rid off. It will only keep on piling and one day it will explode on someone else. After explosion you realize that you didnt do good to that person, so now either you can make out by apologizing to that person, explaining the whole situation, if that person understand that will be best OR you will be carrying the bad memories of this incident again and it will go on ..n...on.

If you are carrying good memories, they will, not only make you come back to those people and place, but also keep you smiling thru out your journey when you are going away from them. You will tell all those things which you have enjoyed to people around you and spread the happiness, Joy and Laughter. The more person you make happy, more happiness will be in your life.

As Life is always Give and Take. What you give is What you get. If you give happiness you will get happiness, if you give pain, you will get pain. If you give someone your time, you will get the same. If you help people when they are in NEED, people will do the same i.e. will HELP you when you are in NEED.

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