Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life and Age

Yest. evening, i was sitting with my friend talking about various things and then came the topic of phases of life. He pointed me out to a story which im narrating here:

God actually gave Human, the life of 20 years but human thought it is too less of a life, so he asked God to increase it. God refuse to increase but he gave human a choice to convince other beings, if they can lend their age's to him. Human being very clever and shrewd convince other beings to lend their ages. He convinced first horse, then donkey, then dog and last Owl.

So, the story goes like this -

First phase of life i.e. first 20 years is the actual life of human. He enjoys it the most. He doesnt care, bother about anything and is in his own world of fantasy. Thats why almost everybody says - its their GOLDEN period.

Second phase i.e. from 21 - 40 years. Since human had convinced Horse to lend his age, so during this period, he keeps on running like a horse. Running for, fame, money, house, respect, social status ..etc..etc. but he keeps on running till he reaches 40.

Third phase i.e. from 41 - 60 years is the life of Donkey. He drags the burden, like a donkey, of all those things which he has achieved during his previous phase.

Fourth phase i.e. from 61 - 80 years is the life of Dog. Like how dog looks after the house and all his belongings, similarly human's look after their house's, children's, grand children's ...etc.

Finally, fifth phase i.e. from 81 - 100 years, he lives the life of Owl. Neither he can see during the day nor he can sleep during the night till one day he dies.

Though it seems to be fair example of life to me, your suggestions/comments are welcome.

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