Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year

New Year is just round the corner, so everybody is either making the resolutions which either they will not follow or will just lies there written. People are evaluating what mistakes they have made this year and what they have learnt out of them. Whether this year was BAD or was good.

I dont know what should i call this year as - Good or Bad. Coz soo many things had happened that its very difficult to decide whether the year was good or bad. But one thing is for sure, memories will be there unless i turn into "Amnesia" (loss of memory) patient.

At times i use to feel, why it is happening to me? At times, I felt whatever has happened or is happening, is for a Reason. At times, I feel that its your energy and will flow in whatever direction you want to but then you have to bear the consequences. At times, I feel that all i can do is Pray to Existence/God/Super consciousness for the well being of everybody.

I dont want to wish for anything but only STRENGTH so that i can accept whatever is/will happen to me or to those people whom am connected with.

My only wish and resolution for the New Year is - God! please bring Peace and Harmony in everybody's life so that we can make a better place for ALL the living beings.

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