Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miles to go before I sleep

मुकदस की राहों में
अकेले है चलना
एक नयी ठोकर
एक नया संभालना
खुदा के आँगन में खेलना
और उसी में लेटना
किसी  का  आना , किसी  का  जाना
कभी  हसना  , कभी रोना 
इस  गुलिस्तान  में  रंग  बिरंगे  फूल
किसी  का  खिलना , किसी  का  मुरझाना
ए  मुसाफिर , इन  नज़ारें  को  देख  मत  रुकना
क्यूंकि  ज़िन्दगी  का  काम  है  चलना , काम  है  चलना .......

Its very difficult to translate this into English, i will still try it.

In the paths of Life
You have to Walk ALONE
Everyday One New Obstacle
One New Learning
Playing in the Garden of Existence
And lying Down
Somebody's coming, Somebody's Going
At times laughing, at times Crying
In this Garden, there are All types of Flowers
Someone is Blossoming, someone is Dying
O Dear, dont STOP by looking at these things
Coz Life has to go on... and on ... and on .......

Anybody who can put better words, please do so

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Pushpinder said...

amazing...loved it..i am speechless!