Tuesday, October 27, 2009

People may doubt what you say... But, they will believe what you do!!!

It is so strange that at times you dont realize what your strengths are but other people do. I realized this when people tell me that they know i can make things happen and i was like wow! thats amazing. I, myself dont know if i can make things happen or anything like that, the only thing i know is if there has to be something done, people call me.

There have been couple of incidents recently occurred that made me think what people say about me and they are as follows:

1) One time my sister called me and she want my elder brother (which is younger to her) to do something, but elder brother refused / made excuses to do so. She called me up and said that i should make sure that elder brother do that. I said, he has already refused what should i do? How can i make him do something which he has already refused? This is her answer which made me tongue tight, she said, "I know You and You are the only one who can make this happen, no other person in this world can make this happen apart from you." Hearing this, I couldn't say anything but only have to agree to what she is saying.

2) Second incident - which is more like virtual, one of my friend came on some tv interview, i was congratulating her and she said - dont worry, you will also be here one day. I dont know what made her say/think like that, but i felt nice after hearing this.

I know at times we have to cheer people by telling these kind of things but my inner self felt, Yes i want to be there and I will be there one day. People may doubt what you say... But, they will believe what you do!!!

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