Thursday, October 15, 2009

fault at everything

It seems like we start finding fault in everything no matter what the other person do/ did. Earlier there was a debate that CEO should limit their salaries and there was huge gung ho on that.

Agreed that 50% of the population lives below poverty line but that's the job of the govt to see what he can do. Instead of controlling the population which is more than the SPEED of the light, we are debating on something which has got nothing to do with this.

I mean look at China, the way they have controlled their population and now almost everybody is having a job. When you have a job it will give you financial stability. So rather controlling the population or creating the jobs, govt is more concerned about the salaries of the CEOs.

Yest. one of the TOP CEO has reduced his salary, now people start saying that its mere SHOW OFF. I mean WTF? People seems to be unhappy no matter what others do. Now the Minister said that Govt is losing the revenues coz of his CUT.

Acc. to Mr.SALMAN KHURSHEED the government loses 8.7 Crores in Income Tax paid by Mr.Ambani. (13.2 Cr on 44 Cr Earlier) now its (4.5 Cr on 15 Cr)

When can we be HAPPY and appreciate others?

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